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    1 Week Ago - May 17, 2017, 3:03 PM - EVA and More Material For Boba Fett cosplay? #1

    I have recently found this site and it has been helpful in finding templates that I need and everything but the main problem is gathering the materials for a low cost.

    While I can spend over $100 on Eva form or just buying some parts which holds its own problems, I was thinking about doing a video featuring this place a source for what I used while keeping it affordable for the average or beginning cosplayer.

    So asking for those who have made the cosplay for Boba Fett what do you recommend for the chest armor and helmet?

    For the helmet I am gong to use the tutorial from williamjakespeare, but for the chest armor I was thinking I could use a metal garbage can as recommended by someone how did that same project from Pinterest.

    Where do you get your Eva foam? I was thinking Amazon but and trying to find the cheapest Eva foam of them all.

    The rest like the shoulder pads should be much easier to find and the jet pack has been made often so I know where to look.

    Thank you in advance
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