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    4 Weeks Ago - Apr 27, 2017, 8:27 AM - Re: Mandalorian costume WiP--Sek Neeglik #26

    So I am happy with the above configuration for the backpack. I will add a bit more weathering and maybe a minor greeblies or two, but overall it's done.

    I took the Hasbro E-11 and made a few mods and added a couple greeblies. I think have $5 invested in it.

    It still lacks a lot of screen accuracy, but I look at it like my mando is customizing and using a lot of various equipment.

    I picked up some Hasbro clone blaster parts to stick aside for a future weapon build. I also picked up some parts to build some thermal detonators/grenades.

    l started my search for a biker scout pistol. My goal is to rig an ankle holster like the scouts wear for my boot.

    I still have to complete my work for the vest to strength the armor attachments. My gauntlets have been shipped. I will do some tweaking to my helmet soon. Still have to decide on fan and mic systems.
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