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    May 26, 2015, 8:07 PM - Re: SE Boba Build #126

    Looked like lots of fun. Glad you enjoyed it!
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  3. May 26, 2015, 8:35 PM - Re: SE Boba Build #127

    All looks great, nice pic's.. Video was funny, I was thinking the same thing about the expressions ..
  4. Jesuit24's Avatar
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    May 28, 2015, 5:29 PM - Re: SE Boba Build #128

    Thanks, guys. Here are some pictures I've found floating on the internet:


    I've realized I only have two poses; gun up, gun down.
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    Oct 2013
    Jun 15, 2015, 8:17 AM - Re: SE Boba Build (Complete) #129


    So I think I'm heading the Sheffield Film and Comic Con again this year, so I have until August to iron out some issues.

    Firstly, I'm a little stuck with how to attach my collar armour to my vest.
    I currently have three press stud attachments on the collar piece; one on left corner, one on the right corner and one in the middle. With the weight of the jetpack, the harness tugs back and unsnaps the centre press stud within three steps in the suit. I need a method of attachment for this centre area which is harder wearing than press studs but also easy to attach given that it's awkward enough trying to pop the collar plate press studs in place. I don't see the eyelet bolt working given this reason; I just wouldn't be able to get underneath the vest to attach it. Magnets, I'm not sure they would hold either. I've had N52 magnets before which were strong, but given the pull is enough to completely unsnap a press stud, I'm not sure it would be enough? And velcro is definitely not strong enough. Any ideas?

    I'm going to attempt to repair the electronics on the blaster. I'm sure the trigger is no longer hitting the button inside, although there's no rattling to suggest anything has broken off or come loose. I'll only be able to tell when I open it up. Since I bondoed up the screw holes (go me) I'll have to cut into the receiver housing and hope I can fix it up later.

    I'll buy a extension cable for my Aker. I installed my mic in my helmet rather than wearing it, so I wrapped the mic lead around the inside of the crown of the helmet and let a short amount dangle so if I want to remove the helmet, I just have to disconnect the cable and take it off. But I'll need that extension cable that will run up from the amp on my waist up to my neck. I'm calling it a day on the voice changer. I had high hopes for the Voice Synth app, but on the day, it was picking up all sorts of feedback despite turning the volume right down in-app, and my friends said that they could hear an offputting delay between when I spoke and when it came out the speaker. I'm not quite sure how others have gotten it to work, but even when using the recommended cables, it wasn't coming out good.

    Velcro the ammo pouch and cod/kidney plates to the flight suit which will stop them sagging.

    Fiberglass repair work on one of the knees when my friend managed to knock it off the bed and step on it in one motion. I was laughing a lot more than he was.

    I'm going to give it another troop before I decide what to do with the jetpack harness and if I want to replace it. On the first day, it may have just been bad form on my behalf letting myself slouch lower and lower until I couldn't straighten my back, since I coped better the second day when I endeavoured to stand upright with my back arched. For those experienced trooping Fetts, do you tend to have a sore back a couple of days after? Is that just something to expect?
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    Aug 2011
    Jun 15, 2015, 9:58 AM - Re: SE Boba Build (Complete) #130

    You could try attached a hook to the collar center and an eye to the vest, if it's just a matter of keeping it from pulling backwards. I have my collar bolted to the vest in 3 places, but I never remove it.

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