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Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by woodman, Mar 31, 2018.

  1. woodman

    woodman Active Member

    I came across a very limited supply of vintage vinyl for ammo belts. I bought it all and there's only enough for 10-12 belts of any version. If they were all ESB I might squeeze another belt out but it all depends on the version and number of pouches. I may not have enough for 10-12 if they were all 14 pouch SE versions. These will come in the unfinished white since I'm not in the finishing/weathering end of supply. I did a test with Brilio brand vinyl spray paint and it sticks great. Bryan Curtis picked up the first of these and has done several tests with different brands of paint and dye with very nice results. The construction of these belts is more than just a belt done in vinyl they are made the same way as the real belts with correct details like raw edges, stitch length and placement and random length of flaps to match the version. The ROTJ version will also have the double belt section where the pouches go like the original. This vinyl is all there is and when gone it's gone.
    If you're interested post up and state your version.


    ESB $300
    ROTJ $350
    14 pouch SE $450

    Domestic shipping included International shipping is $25
    jjWx78wm.jpg pWZzJWgm.jpg ahyH9Xpm.jpg KVVtnHsm.jpg SbarSbJm.jpg hfLGMlpm.jpg
  2. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    PM sent.
  3. woodman

    woodman Active Member

    227 views and no questions?
  4. bobawomble

    bobawomble New Member

    nice belts !
  5. lancer

    lancer New Member

    Do you have a picture of the painted belt?
  6. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    This belt is SOO nice. I will post photos once I've dyed mine.
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  7. cbrant

    cbrant Member

    Would one of these be accurate for the Supertrooper?
  8. woodman

    woodman Active Member

    Yes it would be.

  9. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    Figured I'd post a few progress pics of the ESB belt. I laid the base coat and the main color down. Still have to do the weathering. If you're debating getting one of these, stop what you're doing and just order it now while Woody has the material. You're honestly not going to find better.

    First, the belt in all of it's pristine glory:
    41593437902_1174c72274_c.jpg 41593437842_019f97491f_z.jpg


    After about a month of trying different products, methods, and custom mixes I ended up with something I'm happy with. I started with an orange-y base dye:
    41593437662_1173dd206a_z.jpg 41593437422_b6a33c1a9d_z.jpg


    Finally I added the main color:
    27764794708_4b3eff636b_z.jpg 27764194708_310390fc40_z.jpg
    40741259245_bd9d6426be_z.jpg 41593074742_f76bec848e_z.jpg 41593068132_5b4fd564f6_z.jpg

    The finish has a nice shine to it:
    41593436422_1d3ab289ff_z.jpg 41593436062_ca714712a8_z.jpg

    I'm in love with this belt. Woody straight up killed it. I'll post final shots after I've weathered it.
  10. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Can't wait to get mine! Looks incredible!
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  11. SUTT4869

    SUTT4869 New Member

    Looks fantastic!
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  12. woodman

    woodman Active Member

    WOW! That turned out absolutely fantastic.
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  13. SUTT4869

    SUTT4869 New Member

    Woodman . I’ll be snagging one soon as I get the funds.
  14. InvogueUK

    InvogueUK New Member

    I'll have an ESB belt.
  15. facechubb

    facechubb New Member

    I'll take an ESB please!
  16. SUTT4869

    SUTT4869 New Member

    Payment sent, Thanks woody , ROTJ
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  17. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    You guys are gonna love it.
  18. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Can't wait!
  19. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    I’ll let you know once it arrives for painting...err... dyeing. Same goes for you tennantlim
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  20. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Very excite for such accuracy!
  21. tennantlim

    tennantlim Member

    I have absolutely no doubt we are going to friggin' love it!
  22. SUTT4869

    SUTT4869 New Member

    Can’t wait to get it , really looking forward to this great upgrade!
  23. woodman

    woodman Active Member

    I have spots for 5-6 more belts then this is a done deal.

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