Aurra Sing Sniper Rifle - Czerka Adventurer

Discussion in 'Prequel Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by ZeekAran, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. ZeekAran

    ZeekAran New Member

    Has anyone attempted making a Czerka Adventurer? The main interesting point being that it is collapsible to fit in a water-bottle-ish sized tube.
  2. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Don't recall seeing anyone do a build of Aurra's rifle.
    I think that making it collapsible in a practical sense would be pretty tricky.
  3. ZeekAran

    ZeekAran New Member

    I myself have no idea how it could be accomplished, but I'd love to see any attempts at it.
  4. Demagol

    Demagol Jr Member

    That'd be pretty cool.
  5. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Someone did this piece a while back (year before last) and posted it up in a thread over on BHG in the Aurra Sing section, titled "Aurra's TPM Long Rifle completed"
    Unfortunately, the pictures don't currently show up :/
  6. Timmer

    Timmer Member


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  7. Timmer

    Timmer Member

    Here are a few pics. I can email you more if you'd like, just send a PM.

    Last I heard, this was going to be used for the Aurra CRL reference pic. There are a few Aurra rifles out there, but they have a one piece stock/ grip and it should be two piece. I used the 12" Aurra figure accessory as well as the 18" ( I think) statue by Patrick Piggott, as he lives near me and allowed me to check out his highly detailed version. I built this on a whim ( to see if I could even do it )for a Garrison mate who has the black body suit Aurra costume. The pouches needed to be upgraded to a more appropriate look.

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  8. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Thanks for sharing, nice work!
  9. Timmer

    Timmer Member

    Thanks very much, I appreciate that!
  10. Timmer

    Timmer Member

    There may be a way to make it collapsible, or at least make it into two pieces, but it would be tough because of the thin speargun barrel. It's attached to the rifle at 3 points. If that could be made to come off, unsnap, or magnets, then you could maybe have the main barrel disconnect. It's probably possible.
  11. KhorMariik

    KhorMariik New Member

    Nice work Timmer. Any WIPs I haven't found yet showing how to make this?
  12. OrrElse

    OrrElse New Member

    Might look at something similar to the Henry Survival Rifle. The entire assembly breaks down and fits into the stock.
  13. vego

    vego New Member

    Nice work!!!
  14. bojaGun

    bojaGun Member

    WoW Cool
  15. enaswede

    enaswede New Member

    Very Nice... Great Imagination! :wacko
  16. germany

    germany New Member

    That'd be pretty cool.

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