For Sale SALE Thread: Man of War FINAL boot run: LIVE!

Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by bcurtis, Oct 24, 2017.


Would you purchase a set of MOW boots if he does one last run?

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  1. Got mine today! I wear 12s, and instead of ordering a size up, I had to order 12s, and they fit great! A load off my mind. Thanks Christian!
  2. jarice4

    jarice4 Member

    Putting in another order this time for a size 13
    paypal sent transaction #2ME218117X933164E

    Thank you Christian
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  3. Jesster

    Jesster Member

    My Fett boots arrived yesterday.
    They look and fit great!

    Thanks Christian...(y)
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  4. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    Anyone from the eastern US got their boots yet. I feel like an impatient child, haha!
  5. robotzo

    robotzo Jr Member

    got my boots just now. I was worried that they were gonna be too small but they fit fine. Thanks Christian!
  6. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    I'm in Virginia and I'm dying over here! I need my boots!
  7. Chris4321

    Chris4321 Jr Member

    I live in NC and I got my boots in 2 days ago.
  8. pigelectric

    pigelectric New Member

    WOW got mine already, that was fast! :) They DO run pretty small. I wear a men's 8.5, got a size 9.5 and my toes touch the front. But way better fit than the 11.5 I inherited with my costume :)
    In related news, I have a pair of brand new MoW size 11.5 boots I'm selling ^_^
  9. Zon

    Zon Member

    I'm in Orlando and I got mine today.
  10. Stevie

    Stevie New Member

    Boots still available ? Need a 9.5
  11. Man of War Studios

    Man of War Studios Active Member

    Please contact me directly by email for details.
  12. Hoot916

    Hoot916 New Member

    Been on vacation ... can not wait to go to post office tomorrow after work
  13. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Still waiting for mine to show up... Virginia USA here... asked Christian in an email for a tracking number to be sure they didn't get lost in the mail. I'd die if they did..........
  14. smuggler_fett

    smuggler_fett Jr Member

    Got mine last Thursday made toe spikes weathered them and wore them sat for a troop and they feel and look great feel way better than the ca boots I had it’s like wearing fett for the first time again
  15. Evan1701

    Evan1701 Member

    Hey guys, just a heads up, if you haven't seen your boots yet be sure to email Christian ASAP. Apparently my order was lost in the chaos of that first wave of orders, and I won't be seeing my boots until the end of next month. :( Shit happens i guess.

    If my order was lost, others could have easily been lost as well, so just be sure to stay on top of it.
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  16. FON

    FON New Member

    Mine arrived today (Australia). Thanks mate. They are quite nice.
  17. WTFett

    WTFett Member

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  18. bcurtis

    bcurtis Active Member

    Just spoke with Christian. It seems that mine were lost in the mail as well. :( He said that he's got a return pair of my size coming in any day and that he'll send them my way so all is not lost. haha!
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  19. jasbret

    jasbret New Member

    My boots arrived! Thank you Christian! Great fit! Very well made!
  20. crisisfilms

    crisisfilms Active Member

    My boots arrived the other day. They look and fit great! Thanks
  21. Man of War Studios

    Man of War Studios Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    Thank you again for your support n patience. I know there have been some snags and screw ups on some of the orders. I take full responsibility for them. Im so sorry that some of you are still having to wait for your boots. As some returns come in I can fulfill some of the orders. While some have to wait until after the next shipment arrives. The reason for the wait is the Chinese Spring Festival is going from February 10th thru the 20th. The twill fabric used to make the boots needs reordering and the festival is delaying things in China. Ive been told that as soon they arrive back in the factories work will continue. I will gladly offer a free gift to those of you who are patiently waiting. It's the least I can do...Thank you again guys.
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  22. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    Thanks for mentioning this. You're not the only one. I emailed Christian today and my order was also missed and I am in the same boat and will be waiting as well.
  23. MinuteFett

    MinuteFett Jr Member

    Anyone want to trade a size 10.5 for my size 10?
  24. Filthgrinder96

    Filthgrinder96 New Member

    Many thanks Chris! My boots finally arrived in Germany.
    Really great boots. I´m really happy.
    The quality makes me speechless... I already started with the weathering. :)

    The only thing which makes me sad, was the german custom declaration... those f###ers took 104€ from me for customs.

    Please go on with the bounty hunter business. We Need good shoes... ;)
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  25. Newfett72

    Newfett72 New Member

    Got mine last week.Thanks Christian.

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