Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Loanstar, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Fettastic

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    PM sent!
  2. Bobafettblaster

    Bobafettblaster New Member

    Hi there i am new to this forum so hello from the uk .I am really loving the flightsuit you produce and would like to know if you still produce the the esb weathersd suit .
  3. Jesster

    Jesster Member

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  4. joshimus

    joshimus New Member

    PM sent mate
  5. italianfett420

    italianfett420 New Member

    Received my rotj flightsuit a little while ago, and it's absolutely perfect, definitely worth the money in every way.
  6. Loanstar

    Loanstar Active Member

    thanks for the positive Feedback.
    I have updated the first page with actual Version 4.0 Pictures.
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  7. Branjan

    Branjan Jr Member

    Can't wait for mine to arrive! [emoji106].

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  8. Branjan

    Branjan Jr Member

    61a2336423bc9dd1b46633ad2236ca2d.jpg And it has arrived. Looks great I'm afraid to iron it or anything like that.

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  9. RealMatix

    RealMatix Member

    I received my ESB flightsuit, Pouches, Cape and Vest...thanks Loanstar !!
    This stuff is amazing!! and comfortable..unfortunately i'm not allowed to wear it at my job...maybe i should change my employer :D
  10. adrock11

    adrock11 New Member

    Sign me up
  11. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Are you still doing ESB flightsuits? I got one from Man of War Studios, and their large doesn't fit (downside of going to the gym). Since you do custom suits, I'd rather get yours.
  12. Loanstar

    Loanstar Active Member

    PM Sent
  13. PM sent

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  14. Loanstar

    Loanstar Active Member

    update 2018
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  15. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Just got my flight suit and vest today. It looks and fits great! Love the zipper in front, hooks to connect the neck seal, and sewn in slots for the jetpack straps and chest electronics. Highly recommend his work.

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