For Sale **MachineCraft Replicas Sales Thread** (Boba Fett Metal Parts)

Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by MachineCraft, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. haujohn

    haujohn Jr Member

    Received today Thank You!
  2. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Active Member

    Received the studs! Wow that fast! Thank you!
  3. Andi85

    Andi85 New Member

    PM Sent
  4. weldingdude

    weldingdude New Member

    just got my knee dart and cod/shoulder studs, in the mail a week or two ago.

    they look awesome!!

    definitely going to be hitting you guys up for the rest of my metal parts!
  5. SingaFett

    SingaFett New Member

    Hey there Dakota,

    I've sent you a couple of emails but haven't received a response as yet. Could you please help to look into the list of items which I'd like to get from you?

    Warmest regards
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  6. Edrrak Nolat

    Edrrak Nolat Active Member

    email sent
  7. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    Also sent a couple emails with no reply . Hope all is ok !
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  8. SingaFett

    SingaFett New Member

    I've just received a response from Dakota and he has started to work on my stuff. He should be responding to you soon.
  9. Plasticstarwars

    Plasticstarwars New Member

    Thanks for responding to my email. Payment sent for 1 pair of boot spikes. Transaction ID: 5J114559KR476690S.
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  10. Edrrak Nolat

    Edrrak Nolat Active Member

    Howdy! Payment sent for toe spikes but haven't heard anything. Any news?
  11. SeaMarshall

    SeaMarshall New Member

    Greetings! I've sent a pair of emails inquiring about product availability. Please let me know when you have stock. Thanks again!
  12. HansVader

    HansVader New Member

    HIya, Email sent Thanks
  13. Boochman

    Boochman Jr Member

    Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Just wanted to let you know that I PayPaled money to you mid December (13th); just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in the hustle-bustle of the season!!!
  14. HansVader

    HansVader New Member

    Not sure where he has been, I have sent a few emails and PM's with no reply . Not been on the forum since September.. Hope all is ok with him.
  15. Boochman

    Boochman Jr Member

    I am not too concerned - I’ve had correspondence with them right before I placed the order! I honestly just wanted to let them know that I PayPaled the cashola!
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  16. Email sent on Monday for a few parts. Thanks!
  17. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    Dakota is a stand up dude, frankly he's probably enjoying the holidays like real people do lol.
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  18. LaKkenFETT

    LaKkenFETT New Member

    Hello, I would love to place a order for some parts as soon as you have a moment.

  19. crumdum

    crumdum Member

    I suggest emailing him as his thread instructs....
  20. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Member

    Hey fellas -- Just a thread bump and an update. The holidays were especially busy for us this year, but things have been slowing down. If you've emailed us to place an order, you should have received a response by today. If you've placed an order with us but haven't received it yet, it should be on the way to you tomorrow morning.

    I hope everyone had a very holidays, and cheers to the new year!

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  21. HansVader

    HansVader New Member

    sounds good ! Thanks Dakota!
  22. MachineCraft

    MachineCraft Member

    All orders have been shipped! Thanks for your patience, guys.

    I do have most things in stock and ready to go, just drop us a line at
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  23. Covafett

    Covafett Member

    Thanks Dakota!
    Toe spikes ordered!
    PayPal id: 2RD4293582352914K
  24. LaKkenFETT

    LaKkenFETT New Member

    I purchased the items on 01/11/17.
    Thank you Dakota!

    PayPal Transaction ID: 42113876V77441407

    Items Purchased:

    1.GAUNTLET DARTS (Based on Mitchell Part) :: $55.00

    2.TOE SPIKES (Based on Mitchell Part) :: $65.00

    3.COLLAR/COD STUDS :: $60.00

    4.JETPACK BEACON :: $85.00

  25. EvanDallas

    EvanDallas Jr Member

    Got my fourth order from MCR. Outstanding quality as usual. This community is lucky to have vendors like this!
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