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Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by zhongfett, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. zhongfett

    zhongfett Active Member

    Dear Hunters,
    Our store is now closed until April. Thank you everyone for your purchases.
    Your orders will soon be on your way.
    IB team
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  2. Andi85

    Andi85 New Member

  3. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I just got my boots and they're amazing looking! One word of caution...although their site says they run small and to go one size bigger, isn't true in every case. I wear an 11, ordered a 12 (it says to order one size up) 11 would've fit. But DAMMMN do these boots look gorgeous!!
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  4. CannonFodder347

    CannonFodder347 New Member

    I ordered MoW boots back in February and still no ETA on delivery...
    Are these still available for shipping?
    Size 12
  5. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    I think the April run is still open, I ordered mine a few days ago but go jump on their site. I know it'll shut soon
  6. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    It's open till April 14th
  7. Dark Steve

    Dark Steve New Member

    Thanks for the heads up Zom0898 (April 14th.) I just ordered my Fett boots size 11
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  8. CannonFodder347

    CannonFodder347 New Member

    I got an order in also... might just cancel the MoW boots I ordered back in February...
    As of last week they were still unsure on a supplier from China so no guesstimates on their boots.
  9. IrisVI

    IrisVI New Member

    Any chance you’ll make/sell Boots in a sz 6-7?
  10. zhongfett

    zhongfett Active Member

    Hi, The soles don't exist in that size, therefore we can't build the shoe.
  11. Alay

    Alay New Member

    Got mine, they're awesome!
  12. crackerbasket

    crackerbasket New Member

    How's the fit? Did you need to go up a size?
  13. Alay

    Alay New Member

    I went as sized, they fit okay. Maybe a tad loose. When I add inserts for comfort like I do with my Stormtrooper boots they should be good and snug
  14. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer New Member

    Hi! Is there any change to get a pair of 10US (43EU) boots? or I have to wait untill the shop will be open again?
  15. zhongfett

    zhongfett Active Member

    Contact us at
  16. darth z

    darth z Member

  17. Bulldozer

    Bulldozer New Member

  18. zhongfett

    zhongfett Active Member

    Can exchange against Jiaozi :)
  19. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    For those of you with smaller feet . I got myself a pair of these boots size 42 , I am a uk size 7 and they fit me really well.

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