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Discussion in 'Cargo Hold' started by stormtrooperguy, Feb 14, 2018 at 12:52 PM.

  1. stormtrooperguy

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    I've been working on-and-off for the last year or so with another member here on some Boba Fett armor.

    As the sculptor has revised the molds, I've ended up with a bunch of good but not quite there yet sets of Boba upper body armor. Rather than occupying the landfill that is my workshop, I'd like these to go to someone who wants some budget armor.

    Each varies slightly, but the following is true for all:
    • Chest is pulled from 0.60 HIPS. This is thin, and I would recommend reinforcing it for wear.
    • Back is pulled from 0.093 HIPS. These are pretty sturdy, but reinforcement isn't a bad idea
    • Included is a back plate, collar, center diamond, breast plates and ab plate.
    • $100 shipped in the US per set. Unfortunately no international shipping at this time.
    The pictures are labeled with lot numbers. It can be a bit hard to see, but what we have is:

    Lot 1: Dented chest. SOLD
    Lot 2: Dented chest
    Lot 3: Dented chest (picture in later comment!)
    Lot 4: Dented and undented chest plates included. SOLD

    The variations on the plates are all "take a couple mm off this edge and try again, add a bit of material into this corner and try again" type revisions. I couldn't really list the differences from one set to another if I tried.

    I only have 1 pair of undented shoulders at this point. These will go with the first set to sell unless the buyer doesn't want them.

    IMG_4272.jpg IMG_4271.jpg IMG_4269.jpg IMG_4268.jpg IMG_4267.jpg IMG_4266.jpg IMG_4265.jpg IMG_4264.jpg
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  3. Keegan

    Keegan Community Staff

    These are very accurate and great price too!
  4. shenphong

    shenphong Member

    Really nice looking set! Will they be offered in ABS soon?
  5. stormtrooperguy

    stormtrooperguy Sr Member

    Not likely. My vac table is in my house, so abs fumes are no good for me. I’d need to install a ventilation system or upgrade my garage power to do abs :/
  6. stormtrooperguy

    stormtrooperguy Sr Member

    Set 4with shoulders is gone!
  7. Froflo

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    I like the looksof i believe set 1 it is
  8. Froflo

    Froflo Jr Member

    Whoopa meant to say that in our pms .. my phone internet is being odd!
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  10. Funkyred

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    Will you ship to the UK in the future ?
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  11. stormtrooperguy

    stormtrooperguy Sr Member

    Hard to say... I generally only use UPS for shipping and as far as I know they are completely insane with their rates. I'll have to look into what options I've got other than US postal service.
  12. stormtrooperguy

    stormtrooperguy Sr Member

    Lot 1 and lot 4 are gone and shipped. Tracking numbers in your PMs!
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  13. stormtrooperguy

    stormtrooperguy Sr Member

    I found the mysterious set #3! This one is also available.

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  15. Fettastic

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    PM sent brother!

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