Bandai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon (1/72)

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  1. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
    I wanted to show off my early Christmas present from Mrs. Superjedi. :D
    It's the Bandai Perfect Grade 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon. Wow. . . this kit is absolutely amazing. The engineering, research, and detail that went into its production is beyond any kit I've ever worked on before, from any genre! Simply stunning.
    I've been working on it off and on between my normal Fett commissions, and it was really fun to work on.
    Here are some "beauty shots."

    DSCN0465.JPG DSCN0496.JPG DSCN0477.JPG

    The finished kit measures over 19" long and around 14" wide! If anyone's familiar with the Fine Molds Falcon from years ago, IMO this one blows it away. . . Granted, the Fine Molds is a great kit, but this is, well, perfect. LOL.

    The whole kit was based in a custom blend of Reefer White (Badger acrylic) and Polly Scale Grime. This gave a nice, warm white tone. Individual panels were masked and painted using primarily Vallejo acrylics. But I did use some Floquil Boxcar Red for the red panels!

    Here are some detail shots:
    First, the cockpit area. The kit includes 2 full sets of parts for the canopy and gun turret windows. One set has the "glass" and the other set is just the frameworks. I chose to go with the frame-only parts for my build.


    Weathering was done using a mix of airbrush misting with a couple shades of gray, as well as application of pigment powders. The fine chips were done using a very fine detail brush.

    Here's the engine deck area. The 6 big grilles are photoetched parts! There's a total of 10 photoetched parts included--the 6 big grilles, the 3 smaller grilles on the docking arms, and the band around the cockpit tube.

    DSCN0482.JPG DSCN0521.JPG

    A few various shots of the hull weathering. The gun turrets even have interiors, although you can barely see into them once the kit is assembled. The antenna is movable, as are the cannons.


    There are close to 100 tiny decals scattered all over the model! Bandai really outdid themselves on this kit. Decals for the larger colored panels are included as well, but with so much small detail, it would have been very difficult to get them to lay down flat.

    Optional parts are included for the boarding ramp and the landing gear so you can build the Falcon as a landed version or in-flight. I chose to go in-flight for mine. The optional parts would be fantastic to make a docking bay 94 or Death Star hangar diorama though. :)

    The kit is lighted as well. There are lights for the engines, the cockpit (only the two white light strips on the back wall), the ramp and landing gear, if you build the Falcon in the landed configuration.

    I'm really glad I had the chance to add it to my Star Wars collection. I love Boba and the Slave I, but the Falcon has always been my favorite ship from the franchise. Thanks for looking!
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  2. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    Wow. What a beautifully done kit. Uh I mean what a piece of junk.

    Merry Christmas ;)
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  3. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I am getting one of these for Christmas. I don't even want to look at yours because I know I will never be able to achieve that level of detail!
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  4. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    Great job, Eric! Now back to Fett!
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  5. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Awesome !! Best Looking Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy !!!
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  6. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Thanks, guys!
    She may not look like much, know the rest. ;)
  7. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Looks like garbage! Good job!
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  8. Covafett

    Covafett Member

    What's 1/72nds of 12 Parsecs?
  9. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    0.166 parsecs. :p
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  10. deathxcircle

    deathxcircle Member

    She'll make .0069 past light speed. :D
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  11. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    toss it in the trash where it belongs and let me know where you live.
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  12. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    LOL. Sure thing. The address is:
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  13. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Sorry to bump my own thread, but I entered the Falcon in a model contest at my local Hobbytown USA yesterday.
    I got 2nd place! :) The winner was a 1:350 TOS USS Enterprise. Trekkies. . . lol
    Anyway, here are some more shots of my piece of junk.

    20180414_160830.jpg 20180414_160656.jpg 20180414_160723.jpg 20180414_160752.jpg 20180414_160516.jpg
  14. hvacdon

    hvacdon Member

    Congrats on the win.....Treksters don't count anyway !!
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  15. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    Looks sweet! I would think that modelers would have an idea about how difficult that is to paint. I googled the Enterprise and it is more difficult than it looks, but the Falcon is tougher. There is just a lot of extra colors and detail. Maybe he installed his own light kit or something? The Bandai Falcon comes with that already done and done well.
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  16. TheZeroEffect

    TheZeroEffect Member

    Awesome, would love to have one of those Models, looks worthy of the win(y)second is alway as good.
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  17. Lighty2627

    Lighty2627 New Member

    You were robbed and should have gotten 1st place. Awesome hunk of junk!!
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  18. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    We all know who also came in 2nd place...Eric...
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  19. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    Well it does appear you missed a few panel shadings soooo 2nd is fitting....
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  20. superjedi

    superjedi Sr Member

    Yeah, it's rubbish. Lol

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