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    Dec 31, 2013, 3:39 PM - Dengar: Opinions on Jump Suit #1

    So I have aquired all the armor for the Dengar except the Sandtrooper abplate. (still on the look out).

    Does have anyone have opinions on the jumpsuit.

    Do you think the Far away creations jumpsuit would fit the bill, or is there another direction to go.

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    Jan 1, 2014, 3:10 PM - Re: Dengar: Opinions on Jump Suit #2

    the wampa wear jumpsit looks nice too.. Anyone have background on why they were pulled from the boards?
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    Jul 16, 2014, 10:12 AM - Re: Dengar: Opinions on Jump Suit #3

    Since none of the pockets are seen while wearing the kit, I saw no reason to pay $90 for details nobody is going to see. I went with a set of coveralls from American Work Apparel:

    CT10 Twill Action Back Coveralls (9 Colors)

    Just $24.15 and you probably wouldn't even have to remove the pockets that are on there already. I took the ones off the butt so it wouldn't be too poochy. It will shrink a little in the dye process, so maybe get one size up. I wear a 44-regular, so I got a 46-regular.

    I picked up a white one, and two boxes of Pearl Grey Rit Dye.

    Get the water as hot as you can, add half a cup of salt, stir, then carefully add the dye, stir again. Because it's a 65/35 blend, you want to agitate it as much as possible, to ensure an even dye, and to be as saturate as possible. Since pearl grey is the end color, you can't over dye it... it will never get "too" dark.

    For this I actually used the washing machine. Any color darker and I wouldn't have, but the grey will bleach/clean out just fine. I set it for HOT wash and cold rinse, on "heavy" load so it would run as long as possible.

    Here it is drying. It will go several shades lighter once dry. Hard to see in the pic, but it's a very even dye job... no splotching or streaks due to being done in the machine.


    This would also work for Bossk, using Lemon Yellow with a pinch of Tan.

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