Boushh WIP Now Complete 501st, BH-82371

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    Boushh WIP Now Complete 501st, BH-82371

    I have been working on a Boushh costume for my wife along with a Boba Fett for myself. Her costume is going to be completed before mine. I started with a pepakura file for the helmet from Skip. The helmet was reinforced using architectural cardboard & smooth cast as well as filler.

    The armor, tanks (back pack), boot disks, bandolier, & chest piece were all drawn up in cad & I created a 3D file and did this in pepakura as well. I used multiple layers of the same architectural cardboard & some fiberglass mesh & layers of smooth cast for the construction. I found this made for a sturdy light weight construction. I did things as a laminate very similar to plywood construction. I scratch built all the detail pieces as well as did all of the painting myself. I have tried various things during this process and have learned lots. I already have plans to improve things that I did early on.

    The staff was built based on reference photos & scaling the hasbro & sideshow 12" Boushh figure staff.

    The thermal detonator is the Hot Potato game that was offered during the Star Wars Weekends at Disney. I just did a repaint on it. I thought this was a good alternative to making one.

    My wife is working on the soft parts while I am doing all the fab work.

    The goal is to have this completed by Chicago Comic Con.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Nice job!

    I'd love to put together a Boushh costume for my girlfriend. Watching this thread!

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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Thanks, I got the helmet wired up with lights (Fettronics) & cooling fans. Also got the visor shields installed. For the upper I used a green shade 5 which looks dark and the 2 rows of LED's shine through nicely. I used a grey shield for the one that you view through. I was worried about it being too dark but it has nice clarity even in low lighting.

    The lights are Fettronics 2 rows of alternating green LED lights. I made a mounting bracket for the lights. I added two 1.5" fans from Radio Shack. I did some testing with batteries & found that 4 AA's gave me the longest time running. The fans ended up being pretty quiet as well with no vibration. I did help with venting by having some gaps around the viewing shield to allow air flow. With that and the fans circulating the air it seems to keep the helmet rather comfortable. I mounted 2 switches in the back of the helmet up out of the way but can be reached easily.

    I cut up a hard helmet and mounted the ring into the helmet and used the strap to to seat the helmet on your head without it flopping around. So far the helmet feels pretty comfortable to wear.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    I started getting the leather onto the helmet. I got the nose & back completed. I got the sides all mocked up and have a template made so that I can get the leather cut out. I made templates out of paper at first then traced it onto felt leaving it a little big. Then fitted & trimmed the felt to fit. This worked well for doing the upper nose piece and the back pieces. Something about measuring twice & cutting once. I used contact cement to glue the pieces down. The leather is a deer skin. When I get the last piece on then come the weathering phase. Such a shame to scuff up and dirty that nice leather but has to be done.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Finished up getting the leather onto the helmet last night. This last piece was somewhat challenging due to the size. Spent more time mocking it up to make sure it was right before I decided to glue it down. I am pretty happy with how it looks. I got the back strip cut out and my wife has to sew it. Hoping to get that done tonight. Now I have to dirty it all up, it looks too nice and clean compared to the rest of the helmet.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    I got the leather on the helmet all weathered. Wife had finished the cape a little while ago & I finally got around to getting that weathered as well.

    I used a combination of show polishes & creams to weather the leather on the helmet. It seemed toe work really well in staining the leather. Plus using some sand paper to scuff things up here and there helped as well.

    The cape I used some fabric & vinyl spray paint to dirty it up with the aid of a scrub brush. I wanted something that would be pretty permanent. It made the fabric a little stiff but the more you move it around it has loosened up.

    Also received the cummerbund from Clothears. I have to say excellent craftsmanship & attention to detail. Well worth it.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    I got the bandoleer assembled. My wife did all the sewing on the webbing. I did some weathering to it but I have some finishing touches that I want to do yet but on a whole I would say it is complete. I did make it so that I could adjust the shoulder strap and the belt portion. Both are in the back and will be covered by the cape & tanks. I just wanted to have some adjustment. I do plan to attach the strap to the armor either using velcro or a snap. Haven't decided yet.

    My wife got the outer tunic & the collar piece all sewn up. We decide to use a T-shirt & make a dickie for the color with long gloves that will be attached to the shirt with velcro. At this time we went with faux suede for these items. I get the task of weathering these now. She started on the pants & the leggings this weekend. I think we have a good plan from all of the reference photos and other peoples contributions. Chicago Comic Con in less than 2 weeks. Lots to do yet.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    I got the armor & tanks completed. I had to make a strap system & belt to help keep the armor from pulling back. Plan on putting a button hole in the tunic to allow the straps to go underneath so that they aren't visible. It seems to work very well. Both my wife & I tried it out and it definitely makes the armor very secure. I need to add some padding around the neck.

    Wife had finished the tunic & now I have to get it weathered.

    My wife & mother-in-law got the pants done & now it is in my hands to get it all weathered as well.

    We went with faux suede & leather.

    The clock is ticking nothing like crunch time.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Looking good!

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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Thanks, got the outer tunic & pants weathered over the weekend.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Nice work, I love seeing things built from scratch.


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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Thanks for the kinds words. It is always satisfying to see something you made completed. Well should have some completed photos here soon. Wife will be wearing her Boushh costume this weekend for the first time at the Chicago Comic Con.

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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Here is a pic of the boots with the leggings. My wife & mother-in-law did the sewing on them & I finished up with the weathering.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Heading to Chicago Comic Con today. Finally got wife dressed complete in her Boushh costume.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    The debut of my wife's Boushh costume couldn't have gone better. We had a few little things that I had to
    alter during the weekend but it went very well.

    The 501st Midwest Garrison was great. They invited my wife to participate in there scheduled photo ops & we spent some time each day just hanging around their booth. I can't say enough about how gracious
    they were in letting us participate with them. We have to get pictures in for approval now.

    The highlight of our weekend was winning the costume contest as best female hero costume. Something I
    didn't expect with all of the great costumes that were there.

    We had a great time and met so many nice people.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Took pictures & submitted to the 501st for approval.
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    Re: Boushh WIP

    looking great hope to get mine started soon. best of luck

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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Looks great man! Congrats on the win!

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    Re: Boushh WIP

    Thanks, my wife, BH-82371, got approved for the 501st and is now a member of the Midwest Garrison.
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    Re: Boushh WIP Now Complete 501st, BH-82371

    Great Job

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    Re: Boushh WIP Now Complete 501st, BH-82371

    Great work and congrats on hers and your win. Its gotta feel good for others to recognize all your hard work!

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