Boushh helmet size

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    Boushh helmet size

    Does anyone have the reference size or scale for Boushh helmet? I am in the middle of peping a bucket and not sure what the correct width is supposed to be. I have seen some reference that states 13 inches (shoulder to shoulder) but unsure, as that seems alittle tight.

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    Re: Boushh helmet size

    The Boushh helmet that I made I scaled it to fit my wife. The over all dimensions of the helmet size I used are 11 inches high, 12.375 inches wide & 14 inches deep. This in my opinion is larger than the actual. I would concur with your 13 inch (shoulder to shoulder) cause Carrie Fisher was rather petite & she was only 5'1" tall. I believe the actual helmet size is around 11 inches wide. From what I can tell by scaling reference pictures.

    Someone else may have better information. Hope this helps some.

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