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WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

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    Gorgeous, I love it, I'm definitely going to have to do this when I finish my Fett

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    re: WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

    Building my Pre Viszla now and this is a great reference guide. Are you going to be making any runs in the jet pack kit at all? or any other armor parts? If so PM me please.

    Although I was a bit surprised at the detail of the pack itself. I though the one they used on the Clone Wars was the arena pack with the other rocket head on it. Guess i'd have to take another look and some screen grabs.

    But this is amazing man. Great work.
    Finally... which template did you use for the vest and what color did you use? Looks black/blue/gray-ish.


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    re: WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

    That is truly awesome man! Brilliant work. Are you eventually going to make the Darksaber as well?

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    re: WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

    That looks sick man...absolutely sick...makes me want to tackle a Deathwatch myself!

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    re: WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

    thats so amazin! i was wondering, do you sell these still? if so for how much $$??

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    Re: WCA Deathwatch helmet & armor

    Great work!

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