pre vizsla build

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    pre vizsla build

    I was watching the clone wars and like evreyone else i fell in love with the deathwatch armor so i am goin to start making some so i can wear it for Halloween. I'll try to add as many pics as possible in the next posts i do.

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    Re: pre vizsla build

    well i started my helmet a couple of weeks ago and just thought i would show some pics. and i know that people will say the the cheeks and visor ends are wrong but im only 15 and its my first build so i just went basic off of the WOF so this will just help me make a mold for future projects so without further a due here are some pics
    helmet has only bondo on dome and one cheek but i will do more layers to even them out

    i dont have the ear peices on yet but i do have pics of them

    i dont know if i have the rit amout of key holes in the back

    the ear pieces unlike jango and boba are symmetrical and there is no range finder. so thats all of my progress for now and i will update this thread every chance i can with many pics

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    Re: pre vizsla build

    cool we're on the same page (but I haven't started my helmet) but I can't view the pics

    (ps check my post(s) you might find some useful info)

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    Re: pre vizsla build

    so i had difficulties with the pics so if someone an help me with that. i put them in url form and tryed that and they are too big to be attachments. so i put the pics on my website. the website is called amazing bracelets but it was converted to my costuming

    and dandovor, your posts do help

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    Re: pre vizsla build

    Turns out there aren't any keyholes in the back.

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