Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

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    Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    Hi guys! me and some firends was thinking of making the Ohnaka Gang from the clone wars.
    But are they approved 501st costumes ? Hondo or any other weequay pirates?

    also, do you know what type of blasters they use (any name?)

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    Re: Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    They probably could be approved in the DZ category , as they are bad guys and canon.
    But they would be first to the legion , so they'd have to be super accurate..

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    Re: Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    If you got the head and hands sculpted you could make copies of them for everyone in the gang. That's the great thing about a lot of different SW species is that they have zero variation in look just different tone.

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    Re: Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    They are "first to the Legion". I'm hoping to be able to make it work.

    I'm very interested in working on this costume, and if you plan to, I'd love some insight on your own build!

    Not sure how "realistic (RotJ)" versus "animated" it should look; probably something in-between. Animated proportions and all.

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    Re: Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    We've found some who makes 501st approved weequay masks, but they're all ROTJ weequays, not clone wars weequays..
    My question is, can you get an approved Hondo Ohnaka if he has ROTJ weequay hands/head ??? or does it have to be the plastic cartoon look :S ?

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    Re: Ohnaka Gang Allowed 501st costumes ?

    Realistic versions of animated clones are not approvable. So I imagine the same would hold true for any character from the series. Costumes would have to match what is portrayed on screen.

    ... still would love to see this as its a great idea for a theme and they were good characters I thought!

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