Goodness, my first thread!

I've been working on my Bo-Katan for the last several months in preparation for D*C and the time has come to attach all my helmet pieces (which are from Skirata Arms) together. I've been checking out lots of other helmet threads (you guys are great!) and I'd love to know if anyone has any tips for piecing it all together beyond my current plan of attack. Here's where I'm at right now in terms of bits (visor not shown):

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(Different lighting made my ear caps look a different colour than the helmet - it's really the same.)

I stopped by the army surplus shop to pick up some helmet padding and my husband made me a very helpful little fan for the inside too. My current plan for installation is ear caps, then rangefinder, visor, padding, fan - just want to make sure I've not overlooked something! Thank you for any input.