Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

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    Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    So after 2 jears of my not-so-complete Deathwatch-Armor out of PVC plates...

    I'm done with it! Not Done with the costume but I just have it enough!
    The plastic plates and artificial Leather has been pointed out as an inferior Material.

    First i thought i just swap the Plasticplates with Aluminum.... but then 'why only the plates? i can do all new Softparts aswell ^^

    It is a fresh project

    So Today i finally got all the 108 Metalparts needed together.

    Some of them are already bended or nearly complete.

    Like the Belt (Comparisation between new and old one)

    the old one was PVC plates glued on velco on a faux-leatherbelt (filled with some rubbermattes to come to the thickness)
    the new Belt is 4mm thick Leather with an elastic strap and 33 little plates (each plate consist out of a frontplate and a backplate with a solid loop) threaded on the strap.
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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    VERY NICE how much $ in the metal?

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    looks great my mando has mismached armor and is in rough damaged shape. but very nice

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    So, had some time left his day

    started with the Chestplates.

    I just bended the plates by hand and used some hammer techniques to bend the edges. This way the 1,5mm thin Alloy get's the impression of 5mm thick metal.

    I will make a videotutorial with these plates thats why i have to wait for the right time to work ^^

    of course i have to grind the surface

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    I hate bending Backplates no matter what material used..

    Also made some Shouldes and Handplates
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dwback-jpg  

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    And now for Beyond the Belly

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Excellent job with the armour, the back piece came out really well.

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    so some Updates ^^


    New Vest

    Realleather and handsewn for more endurancy ^^

    New Undersuit, Vest and Belt assambled

    The Undersuit is 3-parted, Pants, longlseeve underarmor shirt and Jacket with fixed Neckseal
    (dont mention the oversleeve on the right, thats just a unintenedd flap ^^)

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    I really like your chest

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Very nice! Will really feel like the real thing!

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    I was not happy with the Boxsize of the holsterplate...

    so during the alst weekend we tried a MK2 version with a broader holster box

    but this time the box got into an industrial bending machine instead of the hammer work. (but sill need to bend over the edges.

    Also i finiesehd the Paintjob and the internal Strapping system of the Plates last week
    The only thing missing is a layer of "dirt" to cover the dents of the covered Bolts (and the chest diamond XD )

    i glued in some EVA foam pieces on the insides along the edges. Because i bended the edges of the plates in a 90 angle - i dont want to cut myself or the vest and flightsuit by the sharp edges.

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    had a Troop in a Toys-market yesterday,

    so i thought that would be a perfect timing to push my project for the Kids and leave the Main-'gam at home.

    But some negative Issues in the first place:
    - I were not able to make the bucket and Gaunts in Time so i had to use the ones of the old PVC-Armor
    - The Flakvest i've sewn in Autumn was supposed to fit tight... but i started training in Autumn and Stronglift in January and now the Vest is atleast 10cm to big in waist.

    Now some positive reviews:
    - the Holsterboxes did not hinder my movements
    - the 3-parted Undersuit gave me huge comfort in the bathroom ^^
    - the Neckseal sewn to the collar of the jacket worked perfectly
    - The polstering of the plates did a good job (only plate that hurted where the - not polstered - footplates when walking stairs)
    - The Overall attachement with elastic strapping gave me huge flexibility.




    Overall I still have to fix alot of things

    -getting Suspenders for the Pants that got to big
    -making the Platebelt tighter
    -Getting Bucket and Gaunts done
    -organize Blasterpistols and Jetack (in progress)
    -sew some changes at the armpits of the vest
    -may hide the external strapping of tights and vest -> or not
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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    I favor the animated look, but very nice build.

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    if i loose more belly and hip size i may get some serious Health issues and might die. if you mean that by animated look.

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Finished the Gaunts today

    so, any ideas where my journey goes next?

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Looking good! Not a lot of people make Mando suits from metal, so i found this very interesting. Are you converting a regular buy'ce to a clone ware-style one?
    Just wondering, cuz there's a guy out there with a clone wars style helmet.
    Anyway, keep it up!
    Can't wait for the finished product!

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Actually - in central Europe we only use Metal.

    Only the templates of the helmet are "converted" in the first place. Actually it is based on the WOF-Helmet Tempates. Only the Visor is modified to be 1cm slimmer in the vertical, also showing the Visorline 5mm upwards to get the Eye-corners more sharper. The Lower Chinbottom is extended at 1cm from the original. Thats the whole trick. ^^ The rest would be to to trim the decorative ring aound the helmet for a few mm and change the Backside Vents from Upside down T's to flat lines. i I also used this for my Scratchbuildhelmet 2 years ago as you can see http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/3338/cimg7428z.jpg (the whole Tutorial here Helmbau Scratchbuilt / PVC 'TCW-Deathwatch' - Schmiedeschule - Mandalorianische Beskarschmiede )
    YOu an see the changes on the Templates on the RIGHT helmet. - The Left one was a WCA helmet that disappointed me for being asymetrical and inaccurate and convince me that i can make a more acurate bucket with only 30$ of material.

    EDIT: This explains it better

    Now i do just the same thing only that i swapped the plastic Motorcicle dome with an aliminum dome from an old Fireworkers Helmet and use Metalplates instead of PVC-plates.

    The Cheeks are hand dished by a Hammer ( Mandalorianische Beskarschmiede in Action - YouTube a short wip video)

    But for the helmet i eventually will need to get some Fillermass to cover the Bolts and Slits - i know.
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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    Ah, I see!
    thanks for the explanation! Very good build!
    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    so, finished the helmet todayNo the dome is not to high its the blocky shape of the former helmet that makes the diffrence

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    Re: Full Metal Deathwatch ( 2.0)

    some Actionshots from the new Gaunts and Helmet.

    I also made some changes to the Vest and Belt - to get them Tighter

    Next thing would be to hide the Straps of the Tigh-plates and finish the Jetpack
    I may also make a new Backplate

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