Flak Vest

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    Flak Vest

    That's it! I started working on my DW armor ...
    Simple question! What you used as flak vest? leather? fabric?

    If you a link for me, please send me a PM

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    Re: Flak Vest

    I have seen both pleather and duck cloth versions. The color and style are the most important as far as I've noticed. You should be looking for a jango style vest cut short like boba's. Kevin on thebhg has some nice shots of his pre-vizsla vest.

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    Re: Flak Vest

    Ok. thank for the info !

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    Re: Flak Vest

    I personally am using Marine Vinyl for mine. I feel like it looks a bit better than the pleather.

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    Re: Flak Vest

    i used just dark-marine real leather. is more sturdy and comfortable.

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    Re: Flak Vest

    Vinyl won't breathe as well as either duck cloth or real leather, so it'll probably be pretty hot.

    My vest is duck cloth. Even with batting inside, it isn't too bad in the heat.

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