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    Apr 8, 2013, 10:16 AM - Color Scheme for Season 5 Mandalorians #1

    Since there is no CRL for these characters (yet), I'm at a loss at what color some of the parts are.

    I'm going to give my best guess on the parts i'm looking for clarification on. Any help / assistance / clarification would be greatly appreciated.


    Flightsuit: Black
    Vest: Black
    Gloves: Black
    Waistwrap: Tan

    Supercommando Captain (guy in front):

    Flightsuit: Tan
    Vest: Black
    Gloves: Black
    Waistwrap: Black

    Supercommando Grunt:

    Flightsuit: Black
    Vest: Black
    Gloves: Black
    Waistwrap: Grey


    Flightsuit: Blue-ish purple?
    Vest: Same as flightsuit
    Gloves: Same as flightsuit
    Waistwrap: Tan/Brown


    Flightsuit: Black
    Vest: Black
    Gloves: Black
    Waistwrap: Grey

    Again, any assistance would be appreciated. I know there are many more reference images out there, but I grabbed these because they show the characters in a good light (illumination, not philosophically)! If there are other references that people are using (I saw Kevin's awesome thread - where I pulled these images from) please post them up here to share!
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