Cad Bane mask

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    Cad Bane mask

    Greetings from the great NW.
    My latest project is Cad Bane.

    I never thought I would do a cartoon EU character. Then I saw the season #1 finale of Star wars the Clone Wars. Cad Bane so captured the flavor of Star Wars, I was compelled to grab some clay and try to bring this character to life.

    The greatest challenge was to bring the face to life without losing too much of the Cad Bane we see on screen.
    My first rudimentary sculpt was too close to the cartoon look. Once I was able to create a wearable mask, I started from that point to make the face a bit more realistic.
    I did not want to recreate the Duro that we see in Mos Eisley Canteena in New Hope; Cad Bane has much more character than those two. I wanted to keep as much as I could of Cad's nuances, but in a tight fitting prosthetic mask.
    Finally, I installed animatronics to bring it to life.
    Sturdy and durable, 0.90 thick, pure latex rubber. The head is foam fitted
    This is not a tight fitting mask. It's very comfortable, yet retains the movement, expression and character of the notorious bounty hunter. There is plenty of room in the face and cheeks; The face sits about an inch away from the wearers face, allowing room for fans. I can also wear glasses when wearing it.
    Reinforced hidden zipper, it zips closed in the back, with a double layer of latex for durability.

    The breathing canister is built from vac formed plastic parts of custom molds, breaks down into 4 undetectable parts. Can serve as a battery housing. painted to simulate cast aluminum and bronze


    The animatronics are fairly simple. Each side of the mouth has a cable housing that extends to the elbows. Cables attach at the hands.

    Her's a link to my Cad Bane gallery. Enjoy. feel free to contact me. My email is
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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Fantastic work fella.

    I saw your thread on the 501st and was blown away by the mask you have put together.

    So are you looking to complete the full costume?

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    I'm working on other Cad parts too. I'll have the whole costume one of these days

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Were you the guy with this on Love it once again! truely Amazing.

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Very cool mask!

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    super cool man that is simply amazing

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Amazing work!

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Haha now that is awesome. You've done some outstanding work there.

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    i want one my partner is doing Aurra Sing....

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    Bane. Cad Bane.

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    The animatronics are inspired work to add features and expression. Beautiful.

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    WHAAAT? that is unreal how good it is! you are super talented!

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    That is a superb piece of work !...I'd love to do a Cad Bane myself ,......are you considering using any kind of voice altering stuff?

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    Re: Cad Bane mask

    man this insane! the mask is amazing and the idea with the animatronics is sensational!!!

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