Bo Katan from Singapore

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    Bo Katan from Singapore

    Woot it's done ... almost. Left the boot plates which I need to order and fix up.

    Lotsa thanks need to be given to all who helped me. A lot of help was given not only from friends but also the forums and plenty of references from those who shared.

    I guess the toughest parts were to get the details and time especially when I rushed for STGCC 2013.

    Glad my friends in Singapore helped me with many late nights and a sleepless one on the last day to get the final look.

    Sharing my progress blog and hope to share my photos from future trooping with the big hearted group of the Singapore Garrison. Love them!

    Bo-Katan : A Progress Blog


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    Re: Bo Katan from Singapore

    Very nice, good job!

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    Re: Bo Katan from Singapore

    nicely done!!

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