I was scrolling through posts last night and thought I should paint that old bucket thats been sitting in my shop. So I went and picked up some paint, dusted off the ol' airbrush and went to town. I couldnt find a list of paint anywhere so I eyeballed it and went for it.
Model Master:
French Blue (G) enamel 1:1 - Upper cheeks, helmet vent and back ridge
Classic White (G) enamel 1:1 - Face
Flat Black acryl 1:1 - weathering and decal
Flat Blue 1162 3:1 thinner to enamel - Dome, cheeks, ears.

Primed with a basic rustoeum grey primer. Then a coat of silver aluminum. I decided to keep it simple and not try to mix a custom color. I went for Model Masters French Blue gloss (1:1) enamel for the darker blue. The lighter blue is Testors Flat Blue 1162 thinned way down, maybe 2/3: 1. The white is model master classic white enamel at 1:1. Then I used model masters flat black acryl thinned 1:1 for the weathering and stenciled the "V". Afterwards I hit it lightly with 0000 steel wool to expose the silver metal underlayer on the cheeks and ridges and take the gloss off the cheeks and face. That ended up taking some of the weathering off as well, so I gave it another dust up. I havent attached the visor yet, but I wedged it in there for pics.