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Bo Katan Helmet Build

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Posted to the TDH Facebook page for encouragement. Looks great!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Thanks for the very kind words. Stormtrooperguy, you pretty much made my day! Currently, I'm feverishly working to get the greeblies molded. Someone sent me a pm and told me about the TDH fb page feature. That was really awesome to see! Thanks so much for the consideration Tuskantrooper!

    Gracias por tus palabras complementarias ABE!!

    Oh and here's some update pics of the paint job (to use a term lightly) on the maiden cast. Painter, I am not.. apparently, i need to stick with building helmets and leave the painting to someone else. HAHA!!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    WOW, just WOW great weathering there. Im not a huge animated to real life fan...unless its realistic but you did a great job with this. Keep up the good work...cheers

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    That is a thing of beauty! Great job.

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Many thanks for the very kind words. It's been loads of fun learning the process.

    Oh, here's the RF block mold completed.

    First cast came out perfect. Just need to finish stalk and earcap now..

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Great work on the molds for the helmet and RF.
    Its an art on it self.

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Very nice work!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Awesome stuff!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    i can't wait for this run

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Very nice indeed

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    I'm just re watching this episode right now and you have nailed it so well.
    Great build mate

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    At CVI this year Dave Filoni came and spoke at our dinner (Mandalorian Mercs). One of the things he said was (paraphrasing here) part of the kick he got out of making the Clone Wars was knowing that we (costuming community) would be turning their art into real life. He was clearly refering to you! Awesome work on this.

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Wow, I'm just getting caught up on the comments here and *wow*! Thanks for all the input and very kind words. It's great to hear feedback - good as well as bad. Love the comment about Dave F., Vultana. I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that event. Maybe one day.. Adam, thanks very much for the feedback; especially relating it to accuracy to the recent episodes. I watched the last one about three times so far. The last time was with my daughter and I wore the helmet the whole time.. yeah I know, I'm a dork.

    When I see compliments from some of you master craftsmen that just put out some simply incredible stuff (you know who you are!!), it's very humbling. Thank you!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    I might just have to quit my gym membership. This slushcasting business is quite the shoulder workout! First run is almost done. Here's a shot of the girls all in a row.

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    So nice!!!! Awesome

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Wow this looks fantastic!

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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    Thanks guys! Just a quick update:

    After reading a couple comments about long-term strength of RF stalks I decided to research adding a solid insert into my stalks. From what I've seen, the stalks tend to droop or bend over time so I wanted to ensure that I didn't have any problems with mine.

    Here is what I came up with:

    ...and here it is with the weld ground down to retain a lower profile inside the stalk:

    These are a little wonky since I was just playing around with materials and shapes but the next few are straight and much cleaner. After casting a couple into a shore D, 65 resin, I did some strength tests. The results were quite amazing. I'm pretty sure a 20lb dumbbell could be stuck on the end of this will no problems. Very strong and not much weight added at all. And since my RF ends are only about 32grams, I'm thinking there won't be any drooping problems for the long haul.


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    Re: Bo Katan Helmet Build

    The cardstock template of the face of the bucket have you posted it anywhere? I am building the bucket for my wife and I would love to have that template.

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