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Showoff: My HIC

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    Showoff: My HIC

    I just wanted to share my build with everyone. When I first found this site I was very excited to see that I could build my very own HIC at a reasonable cost.
    I spent many hours looking at all the posts trying to gather as much information as I could, so thank you to all those who've helped with any questions I had.
    It took a few weeks to track down all the parts I knew I would need to start this build, but once the pieces started showing up I couldn't wait to start.

    I started with a HIC box kit from Zenix, which arrived very quickly. The online instructions good and easy to understand. I had to make my own corner pieces to attach the sides and top to.
    But was able to determine all the angles needed. One peice of advice when the instructions say 2x3, their is a reason! A 2x4 is too wide and will overlap into the control panel holes, so I had to rip mine down to fit.

    The full body cast is from Stormrider, which looks amazing. This was THE peice i was waiting for before I started by build, so once it arrive I couldn't wait to get started.

    So I sectioned off a part of my basement, which would make Dexter proud, (knowing I will do all the spray painting here later on) and started constructions...

    First laid out the HIC kit

    I first glued the puzzle pieces together.

    Once the glue dried I put the shell of the box together

    Then added the frame to the front of the box

    I added some wood filler to the sides to fill in any gaps between the "puzzle" piece connection, thinking it would need some added strength when handling it later when putting the box together.

    Added the backing, used 2 4x4 sheets of 1/4" MDF board to anchor Han to. I screwed it through the front of the frame. I used a 1x4 on the seem just to strengthen the seam.

    Completed box, you can see the pieces of MDF laying next to the box which i will use to attach the control boxes to later. I've been going back and forth on if I wanted to angle the sides or not.

    Who couldn't resist to see how Han would look in place?!?!?!
    As you can see some trimming is required to make the cast fit inside the frame.

    I then choose to round over the edges using a 3/4" router bit.

    On to filling those all those screw holes. I ending up using drywall compound since I had a lot left over from a previous project and knew it would be easy to sand.
    It takes a little longer to dry completely vs bondo or wood filler, but was willing to deal with the added drying time. Only needed two coats to get all the holes
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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    After some sanding, it looks a little better.

    Time to put Han back on the table and trim him to fit.

    Had to cut off a good chunk off the side and bottom.

    Next I plan on attaching the backing for the control panels, think I'm just going to attach them flush with the back of the holes and then secure Han in place.
    I will then need to add some material around the edges to blend the cast into the inside of the frame.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    We have the same parts. Although I am waiting for my panels to arrive from moncal before I start my build.

    Very very interested in seeing your progress. The photos are priceless for 'followers' like myself.

    I have already purchased some spray paints for the panels. I have tested them on a 'kloo horn' which I fabricated. The spaz sticks - chrome combined with the black undercoat - is a very nice finish.

    looking forward to more updates.


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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Look forward to seeing your build as well. I total agree with you on the photos, I think the photos are worth more than the description sometimes. Which is why I posted so many, figured it would help someone with their build. I am in the process of trying to select which colors I should use. I've purchased Rrustoleum 7519 Stainless Steel (for the box) and Rrustoleum 277830 Metallic Matte Nickel (for the front). I haven't done a spray test yet to see how they look together. I'm unsure on what color I should use for the control panels, wondering if I should use the same color as the box or a different color like aluminum to make them stand out.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Nice progress! Looks great so far!

    As far as painting goes from one of my favorite builds:
    Rebel Legion :: View topic - MC Han in Carbonite project
    Box and Panels : Rustoleum 7519 Stainless Steel
    Han: Rustoleum 7277830 Metallic Matte Nickel

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Thanks for the input! That is exactly the direction I was leaning, to paint the panels and box the same color. I don't want it to look like the panels are "out of place". Thank you for the link, I too so this build and was very impressed. Hoping mine turns out half as nice as that one did. My local store did not have the 7519 Stainless Steel in stock, so I had to order it so will be a couple days before I get it and am able to do a test to see how the two will look together. But gives me plenty of time to prime the entire box, which I plan on doing in the next day or so.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Making good progress (I think). I was able to get backing for the control panels attached and glued down the cast, using construction adhesive (Lots of construction adhesive).
    I added some caulk around the edges to fill in any gaps between the cast and the frame. I'm hoping when painted this will give me a good look of the center being "one" with the frame. It also provides a good "ramp up" from the cast to the frame so I don't have a 90 degree transition. haven't seen anyone else do this, so hope it turns out alright. Also had time to do some priming of the box.

    I attached the backs of the control panels with construction adhesive.

    After gluing Han down, I had some rough edges in some spots.

    So I used some caulk to fill the gaps and create a "one" piece look between the cast and frame.
    When the caulk is applied it is white but dries clear. If their is any place where a poor caulk job would be appreciated its here, because you don't want it to be a "clean" line all the way around so being a little sloppy is a good thing.

    Let the caulk dry over night and then primed the box
    Before After


    I'm still waiting for some pieces to finish the top and bottom, which is why I did not fully prime it.
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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Looking good! Are you planning on sealing the MDF before you paint it?

    Any idea how much its current weight is?

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Just planning on using the automotive primer and then paint, so hopefully it will act as a good sealer. Might go back and put on a second coat of primer on the edges and thin spots.
    As far was weight, it's about 75 lbs.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Since I am still waiting for the "bucket" pieces for the top and bottom, I think it's time for me to put Han off to the side and work on the control panels.


    Shot of the raw control panels

    After painting the base color, same color as box will be (Rustoleum 7519 Stainless Steel)

    Now after making the cut out areas aluminum

    Laying out the greeblies to be painted, grouped them already by which panel they will be placed on.

    Now I'm trying to determine what color I should pain them? Should I make them aluminum, to match the background they will be placed on. Or paint them a satin nickel, or some other color, to have some contrast.

    One question I do have is for the hero panel, the grid lines for the "life support" window, I've seen some do it in yellow and others in a off white. I'm leaning toward the off white, but still am unsure how to go about creating the lines?
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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Made some progress over the weekend, on big step was determining how to hang it on the wall. After batting around a few ideas I settled on using a TV mount. Since it's easy to install and just need to rest the hooks onto the plate on the wall. Even provides left/right adjustability if need be. Looking around, most 32" TV mounts say they can hold over 100 lbs. and with the current weight at 76 lbs. it should have no problems.


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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    That is a great idea. Funny thing is that for a living I hang Tvs on the wall and did not think of that!!!

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Painted the box and Han. Think it turned out pretty well.

    Taped off the box after painting it first.

    One coat of 7277830 Metallic Matte Nickel

    Applied two coats of black wash

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Nice work!

    How do you like the paint colors?

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    I love the colors!!! I think they are perfect, the metallic matte nickel even looks pretty good by itself with the 7519 Stainless Steel, but adding the black wash bring out all the detail and provides the depth, making it look even better.
    The wash comes off a little darker in the photos than it does in person. Also the lighting isn't ideal.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    What did you use for the black wash?

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Looking good!. Congratulations

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    I used a acrylic paint (black) that my wife had laying around. The brand name is Delta Ceramcoat.
    Looks a little something like this:

    I mixed it with water, about 1/10 ration and added some dish soap (to prevent the mixture from beading together, otherwise it would look like Han got rained on and you'd see a lot of water spots)

    One thing I learned was even though the water might not seem "dark enough" it is. Just apply one coat let it dry and see where you stand. Then you can apply a second if you'd like. No need to try to do it in a Big Bang approach. Less is more.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    I'm working on finishing up the control panels and had the following question.

    what have people done for the colored circles? Paint, stickers, ect.

    also working on the lighting for panel #2

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Someone was selling stickers at one point

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    I bought decals from here I think.

    Star Wars Han in Carbonite Prop Decals | eBay

    not sure if they are any good. but its in my hic pile.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    fasterthanjesus said: View Post
    I bought decals from here I think.

    Star Wars Han in Carbonite Prop Decals | eBay

    not sure if they are any good. but its in my hic pile.
    Thanks for the info, does it include the round ones? I have a set for everything else. Just curious as what people have done for the colored circle "dots". Those seem to be the only one I do not have.

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Yes. I have 2 dots!

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Great looking HIC! BTW - Where did you source the buckets for the ends?

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    Re: Showoff: My HIC

    Warpcell said: View Post
    Great looking HIC! BTW - Where did you source the buckets for the ends?
    Thanks Warpcell! I've sent you a message with the details.

    This is a good chance to share a few new photos with the panels in place. I still need to add the "buckets" on the top and bottom, still waiting for the pieces to complete this.



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