Our Han Solo in Carbonite sculpt...

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    Our Han Solo in Carbonite sculpt...

    Hey guys, thought I would share some images of our just completed HIC.

    As you can see, we set the sculpt into a 3.5" block to give the impression of a a solid chunk of carbonite

    This was a scratch build and our first ever sculpt!

    The white background and lines have been added in PSP, but Han himself has been completely untoched.

    Let me know what you think...


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    Re: Our HIC build...

    That looks very nice! Looks like real metal as opposed to a painted finish. Whats it made of??

    Will you produce a run of these? maybe the fronts etc?
    Why no side panels?

    If so how much???? Im debating on whether to build one or buy

    Im in the UK by the way


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    Re: Our HIC build...

    Sorry for the delay Max, and thanks for the kind words.

    You are right about the finish, it is not paint. The whole thing is Cold cast aluminum, so in a way it is metal

    We liked the idea of producing something with less depth, so went with a 3.5" block (there is a back to the piece as well). It literally looks like a big solid block of metal.

    We are thinking of produce a limited run of the whole piece. Say only 20 pieces.

    Im going to start an interest thread. We are also in the UK, I will drop you a PM.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Our HIC build...

    Looks awesome and a nice alternative for someone who does not have room for a full size HIC to display. Nice work guys.

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    Re: Our HIC build...

    D.Nguyen said: View Post
    Looks awesome and a nice alternative for someone who does not have room for a full size HIC to display. Nice work guys.
    Many thanks D! We thought no one but Max cared! lol

    The first one is almost ready to go onto ebay, stamped up 01-20

    Thanks again for taking the time mate

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    Re: Our Han Solo in Carbonite sculpt...

    Nice . How tall is it?

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