Since I've been lurking around here for quite a while and absorbing a lot of the build knowledge found here I thought it time for me to contribute my own techniques.

I approached my HIC a little different than I've seen, hopefully it's a way others can try or adapt as they see fit. A few notes. Mine is not strictly screen accurate and so far I'm only doing the front. It will be outside much of it's life so I built it like it you might a car body so it can stand up to the weather. That means lots of fiberglass and bondo for toughness.

So let me know what you think, and ask any questions on things I may leave out. I'm not the type to post in progress pics because I've had lots of failures that I've had to abandon so I'm going to do it a little backwards and start from the final result.

So here's result so far so you can see if you want to bother following along.

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I like it, not 100% accurate, but 100% done by me. Here's how I did it in short installments.

First step: Expanding Foam i.e. Great Stuff. I actually lay down on my 6' tall plywood board and traced myself. Then added a few cans of foam to give the body some bulk.

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Then I carved it into a rough shape:

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I liked the drama in the original created by the folds in Han's clothes once he was frozen so I wanted to play that up a bit. I had some worn out shirts and slacks so I cut them up and then used a staple gun to attached them over the foam in a way that I liked.

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Then I wanted to stiffen things up a bit without using fiberglass resin yet because it sets fast and I wanted time to form the folds. So I wet the whole thing with a mixture of PVA glue (Elmer's Wood Glue since I had it on hand) and water, then went to work shaping the folds into what I wanted.

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I knew I'd be adding come epoxy putty later to enhance some folds so after giving this a few days to dry it was on to the resin. I just painted the catalyzed resin over everything. In effect this makes it like fiber glass only my old clothes are the "glass". There was drama, I'd recommend another coat of glue to stiffen it even more, but it worked out okay.

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I apologize for the fuzzy pic, it was getting late and I rushed it a little.

Now on to the fingers and face!

After the break!