I started doing these as simple plates to attach to your hardshell, but decided to up the ante and make hardshell cases for your phone.

I currently stock cases for the following phones:

iPhone 5
iPhone 4
Samsung Galaxy S3

The Han Solo in Carbonite is a resin cast, approximately 3.5" tall on the case, in all it's 3D glory! This IS NOT A SKIN. Han is peeking out of your phone case by approximately 1/10 of an inch. I want to make that clear before you purchase, for the case will not sit flat when set down. As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY 3D Han Solo in Carbonite hardcase for iPhone/Samsung that has been made available to the public. Get yours today!

Cost: $25.00 includes priority shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Add an extra $3 for outside the US.

Payment method accepted currently:
Paypal (trusted and secure)

Paypal address for payment: agconstrux@hotmail.com

Please PM or message here after payment is sent, with your name and what model phone you need the case for.