Ive worked and reworked how to get the Han in carbonite cheaper for people. $400 to $500 is quite an investment.

Ive done some just body and face pours, and toes. Essentially, you have to create the rest of the flat space.

I helped build one up. What we did was trim 1 inch around all of the body/face/toes. Then secure that down to 4mm sintra. Then glued the sintra to what was the front of the HIC box.

We then used flexible grout to create the face. using the trowel, placing it in flat then lifting straight up, then smoothing lightly. ended up with a nice looking carbonite slab. Used a flexible wall filler to clean the edges (sandable).

Then painted the front. It turned out really well. Took about a day to complete the front. I cant share the pics yet. But I can sare a pic of one of the 2 HICS we poured for the project, the one still on hand.

Ill do a run of 5 for $225 shipped in the us. $40 more outside the US most places.

Outside the run, they are going to be $250 shipped US. (the one on hand is ready to go).

Ill try to get more pics where the light isnt so bright.

This is actually the easiest way to make a full prop. Doing the whole face is difficult for some to get secured down. Especially if the cast is 'thick'. This way I can make the cast thick, and its easy to mount.