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    Welcome to [wiki=The Dented Helmet][/wiki]'s Star Wars Costume Wiki, a repository of information collected from The Dented Helmet Discussion Forums and various other sources regarding numerous costumes seen in the Star Wars movies. This information specifically focuses on the numerous iterations of the costume worn by the character Boba Fett, but also covers other character's costumes including Jango Fett, and Zam Wesell.

    The purpose of this wiki, and the site ( as a whole is to provide accurate and detailed information to those who are interested in creating their own replica costume of a Star Wars based character.

    This wiki is very much a work in progress: Right now, we are primarily focusing on our Found Parts section:

    • [wiki=Boba Fett][/wiki]
      • Costume Variations
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Concept Art Costumes][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Supertrooper Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Holiday Special Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett First Prototype Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Second Prototype Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Third Prototype Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett ESB Promotional Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett The Empire Strikes Back Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Return of the Jedi Costume][/wiki]
        • [wiki=Boba Fett Special Edition Costume][/wiki]

      • Costume Components
      • Found Parts
        • [wiki=3-Hole Borden Connector][/wiki] (Helmet Cheek Data Port)
        • [wiki=Alcoswitch/Tyco Pushbutton Switches][/wiki] (Pushbutton switches on right gauntlet)
        • [wiki=AM Aerial Earth Plug][/wiki] (ESB Blastech EE-3 Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ASI 4X20 Scope][/wiki] (Blastech EE-3 Scope)
        • [wiki=BNC Female Chassis Mount Solder Connector][/wiki] (Preproduction Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=British Anti-Riot Helmet][/wiki] (Helmet Chin-cup)
        • [wiki=Casio MQ-1 Calculator][/wiki] (Helmet Insert Greeble and Left Gauntlet Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Glenross Dental Expansion Screw][/wiki] (Left Gauntlet Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Hook and Eye Fastener][/wiki] (Jumpsuit collar fasteners)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Female Plug][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Male Receptacle][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Male Plug][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Female Receptacle][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 5-Pin Male Plug][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=ITT Cannon XLR 5-Pin Female Receptacle][/wiki] (Jet Pack Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Kaiser Camera Shoulder Stabilizer][/wiki] (Preproduction Laser Rifle)
        • [wiki=Letraset dry transfers][/wiki] (Detailing for Helmet and Jet Pack)
        • [wiki=Michell Engineering Turntable Sweep arm][/wiki] (Boot Spikes, Kneepad Rocket Dart Launcher, Right Gauntlet Dart Greebles, Jet Pack Adjustment Knob, Supertrooper Automatic Blaster )
        • [wiki=Michell Engineering Stylus Brush][/wiki] (Anti-Security Blade Contol Rod)
        • [wiki=Micro Precision Products Flash Gun][/wiki] (ESB Blastech EE-3 Barrel)
        • [wiki=Model Gun Corporation Uzi][/wiki] (Supertrooper Automatic Blaster)
        • [wiki=Mohair Dressage Girth][/wiki] (Journeyman Protector Honor Sash)
        • [wiki=Molex Connectors][/wiki] (ESB Blastech EE-3 Greeble)
        • [wiki=Nemrod Speargun Holster][/wiki] (Concussion Grenade Launcher holster)
        • [wiki=Neutrik XLR 3-Pin Female Right Angle Plug][/wiki] (Return of the Jedi stunt pack greeblie)
        • [wiki=Neutrik XLR 3-Pin Male Receptacle][/wiki] (Return of the Jedi stunt pack greeblie)
        • [wiki=Paterson Chemical Stirrer][/wiki] (Survival Knife and Supertrooper Automatic Blaster Greeble)
        • [wiki=Paterson RC Print Squeegee][/wiki] (Sonic Beam Weapon and Anti-Security Blade)
        • [wiki=Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera][/wiki] (Viewfinder on Supertrooper Cape)
        • [wiki=PVC Braid Reinforced Hose][/wiki] (Power/fuel hose for gauntlets)
        • [wiki=Red Indicator Lamp][/wiki] (Left Gauntlet LED)
        • [wiki=Rendar Momentary Switches][/wiki] (Left Gauntlet push buttons)
        • [wiki=Revell F-4E Phantom II Model][/wiki] (ROTJ Blastech EE-3 Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Revell Visible V8 Model Gear Case][/wiki] (ROTJ Blastech EE-3 Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Revell Visible V8 Model Connecting Rod][/wiki] (ESB Blastech EE-3 Greeblie)
        • [wiki=Technisub 'Pulce 40' Speargun][/wiki] (Concussion Grenade Launcher)
        • [wiki=U.S. Divers Co. Scuba Buckle][/wiki] (Jetpack Harness)
        • [wiki=U.S. Military Shelter Half][/wiki] (ROTJ Cape)
        • [wiki=U.S. Military Patches][/wiki] (Preproduction Gloves)
        • [wiki=Vintage Star Wars Beach Towel][/wiki] (Supertrooper Cape)
        • [wiki=Webley No 1 Mark 'I' Flare Gun][/wiki] (Blastech EE-3)
        • [wiki=Tasco 15x30 telescope][/wiki] (Pre pro , Sling gun)

    • [wiki=Jango Fett][/wiki]
    • [wiki=Zam Wesell][/wiki]

    [wiki="Templates"]Do it yourself: Stencils, guides and templates[/wiki]

    Are you confused by many of the terms you see on The Dented Helmet? Check out our [wiki=Abbreviations and Acronyms][/wiki] page for help!
    • We place an asterisk in parenthesis (*) beside information we BELIEVE to be true, is an educated guess, or is accurate based on current information. As more reference and information becomes available, what we believe to be true today may not remain true tomorrow. This archive is ever-changing based on new information constantly coming to light.

    While we would like to think you can find anything you could possibly want to know here at The Dented Helmet, there are a number of other sites that we recognize at valuable resources. You can find a list of these websites on our [wiki=Links][/wiki] page.

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    Re: TDH Wiki Home

    As a new member, I just wanted to say, this is a great reference tool and I really appreciate the work that folks have put into this site. I love the "found parts".

    Since I'm completely new to the Fett costuming, I am curious if there is a general parts list available somewhere. It's probably right in front of my eyes, but I haven't found it yet. I used something similar for my R2 and Ghostbusters builds. I've started my own in Excel for now, but if another already exists, I'd love to download it.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: TDH Wiki Home

    I am a new member searching for the same thing.

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    Re: TDH Wiki Home

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