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|mainimage=Michell sweeparm.jpg
|manufacturer=J.A. Michell Engineering
|partname=Sweep Arm Assembly
|price=Price varies from around $35 - $85.
|available=Available from time to time on eBay, especially ebay.de
|info=This sweep arm assembly was made by J.A. Michell Engineering who make high end turntables. The sweep arm assembly contains 3 parts used for Boba Fett's costume and 2 parts are found on the Boba Fett Super Trooper Blaster.

(images of the Pivot Spindle used for the darts on the right Gauntlet)


[file=Darts prop.jpg][/file]

(images of the Sweep Arm Stand used for the Targeting Range Finder or 'Stabilizer' on the Jet Pack)

[file=Rocket pack adjustment.jpg][/file]

[file=Rocket pack adjustment prop.jpg][/file]

(images of the brush holder used for the Knee Dart and Boot Spikes)

[file=Knee dart prop.jpg][/file]

[file=Boot spike prop.jpg][/file]

There are at least three shaft variations and two base variations for the Sweep arm. A tall shaft w/short base (used for the rocket pack stabilizer), a mid sized shaft w/a tall base (used for the Supertrooper Automatic Blaster, and a very short sized shaft which does not appear on any Fett related components (not pictured).

(image of the mid sized shaft w/tall base)

[file=Michell sweeparm prepro gun.jpg][/file]

(image of tall shaft w/short base compared to the mid sized shaft w/tall base)

[file=Michell sweeparm prepro gun2.jpg][/file]

(Left: Boba Fett's Jet Pack Stabilizer, Right: Supertrooper Baster)

(parts discovered by Wes J and friends in 2007)