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|mainimage=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Female Receptacle.jpg
|propimage=ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Female Receptacle Prop.jpg
|manufacturer=ITT Cannon
|partname=3-Pin Female Rectangular Flange Receptacle
|partnumber=XLR331 / 127007-0104 (Global Part #)
|available=Readily available.
|character=Boba Fett
|usedfor=Jet Pack greeblie seen on the underside of Preproduction #1 jet pack and is assumed to be on the underside of the super trooper jet pack as well.
|info=There is some debate as to whether this connector is a 3 or 5 pin. Photos are not clear, but indicate this plug is a 3 pin. An ITT Cannon XLR 3-Pin Male Plug connects to this receptacle and conveys power to the right gauntlet through two plugs which then connect to two Alcoswitch/Tyco Pushbutton Switches. One switch in this power loop ignites the jet pack smoke effect, while it is believed the other turns on/off the lamp in the end of the right gauntlet.

XLR connector at Wikipedia

Here is a photo of the 3-Pin receptacle and the 5-Pin Receptacle compared to the original.