Helmet Detail

|name=The Empire Strikes Back Hero Helmet
|commonnames=ESB Hero
|paintstyle=Joe Johnston
|visorattchment=Brass screws
|damage=Three spots of damage; outer left cheek, under right eye, and left inner mandible.
|leftear=painted metal with letraset details
|rightear=painted metal with letraset details
|keyslot=MQ-1 in ketslots
|chinstrap=includes leather straps, d rings, and plastic chin cup
|electronics=helmet is wired for lights in rangefinder with power source in helmet
|innerhelmet=inner helmet is white. ear sections have been puttied with a grey bondo-like material.

Armor Detail

|material=Vacuuformed Plastic
|paintstyle=Joe Johnston

|collarimage=Esb collar.jpg

|lshoulderimage=Esb left shoulder.jpg

|rshoulderimage=Esb right shoulder.jpg

|lbreastimage=Esb left breast.jpg

|rbreastimage=Esb right breast.jpg

|centerimage=Esb center diamond.jpg

|abimage=Esb ab.jpg


|codimage=Esb cod.jpg