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Boba Fett is a character collaboratively created by Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie to promote the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back. From Concept to final creation, the character underwent a number of alterations, resulting in several unofficially recognized versions of the Boba Fett costume. The Boba Fett character (featuring a different costume from the one seen in the Empire Strikes Back) was again seen in the third installment of the Star Wars franchise, Return of the Jedi. Scenes featuring Boba Fett (again, in a slightly different variation of the costume) were also added to the release of Star Wars: Special Edition and Return of the Jedi: Special Edition. Boba Fett, as a child, was seen in the second Star Wars prequel, Attack of the Clones, but the actor, Daniel Logan did not wear the iconic Boba Fett costume in this movie.

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Variations of the Boba Fett costume are generally not officially recognized and the explanation for costume inconsistencies are explained as the character Boba Fett having multiple costumes that he mixes and matches based on mission. One of the earliest delineations to be made publicly available came in the Deborah Fine's Star Wars Chronicles in which the Preproduction 1, 2, and 3 Boba Fett Costumes were first identified. Later, information originating with Mark Harris helped term the "Super Trooper." Other variations of the costume have been named/identified by fans/replicators but are not officially recognized by Lucasfilm.

The generally recognized variations of the Boba Fett costume are:

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| [wiki=Boba Fett Concepts][/wiki]
| [wiki=Super Trooper Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Holiday Special Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Preproduction 1 Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Preproduction 2 Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
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| [wiki=Preproduction 3 Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Return of the Jedi Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Special Edition Boba Fett Costume][/wiki]
| [wiki=Boba Fett Touring Costumes][/wiki]

[h= Costume Components ]2[/h]

The Boba Fett Costume can be broken down into a number of major components, with subcomponent groups under each major heading. The major components are:

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Helmet][/wiki]

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Armor][/wiki] (chest, collar, backplate, shoulder bells, cod, knees guards)

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Gauntlets][/wiki] (these may be considered part of the armor but are so detailed that they are given their own category)

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Jet Pack][/wiki]

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Cloth Parts][/wiki] (jumpsuit, vest, gloves, gaiters, boots, cape, balaclava, utility storage packs)

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Weapons][/wiki] (rifles, pistols)

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Belts][/wiki] (ammo belt, girth belt)

  • [wiki=Boba Fett Accessories][/wiki] (shin tools, braids)

[h= Development of the Boba Fett Costume ]2[/h]
Boba Fett started life as a costume for hoth. According to RM ?I was sitting in a meeting with George, doodling on a piece a paper while taking notes. He was talking about Hoth, and I was thinking about a costume for that. When George saw this sketch, he said, ?that would make a good bounty hunter. Develop it and make it a guy with all kinds of gadgets on his suit ? rockets and so forth ? to defend himself with.?

  • 01/1978 ? First known sketch of Boba Fett (sketch #0130) by Joe Johnston

  • 01/1978 ? 03/1978 ? Additional concept sketches of Boba Fett by Joe Johnston, all are of an all-white Boba Fett. The character is never named.

  • 06/1978 ? Sketch #0299 shows a nearly completed Boba Fett with braids, girth, dent and cape being added. Sketch is named ?Boba-Fett? Character is clearly colored and no longer all white.

  • 10/1978 ? Mark Harris reports on some progress on suits

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