found parts
|manufacturer=Amphenol RF / TechNec
|partname=BNC Chassis Mount / BNC Panel Receptacle
|partnumber=31-203 (Amphenol RF), UG-290/U (TechNec)
|available=Readily Available

|character=Boba Fett
|usedfor=Jet Pack greeblie seen on the underside of Pre-Production #1 and Preproduction #3, and inside face of Pre-Production 2 and assumed to be used on Empire Strikes Back & Retrun of the Jedi Jet Packs as well.
|info=Greeblie is labeled "Supply to Digital 6 Volts + on centre pin". The mount appears to be attached to the jet pack using the same brass screws as are used to mount the ears to the inside of the helmet. It is possible, at one point, this port supplied power to the chest display.