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|manufacturer=Alcoswitch / Tyco Electronics
|partname=Pushbutton Switch
|price=$13.00 - $15.00
|available= Readily Available
|purchaseurl=MPE106d @ onlinecomponents.com
|brief2=Switches on Boba Fett's right gauntlet as well as switch on left Preproduction #2 gauntlet and possibly on bottom of jet pack.
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|info=There are numerous pushbutton switches with slight variations. Some are on/off and some are momentary. It is not known if this is the exact make and brand, but it is the closest that has been found to date.
While we do not believe it is accurate in terms of functionality, if a momentary switch is prefered to an on/off, Tyco makes the same switch in a momentary configuration. It is the MPE106F.