So today I debuted my Zombie Clone Trooper costume at Walker Stalker Con 2015. It was a blast and I had an amazing time. Gotta say that the highlight of my month (I've been working hard this past month on this build); was when Anthony Kosar (Face Off season 4 winner) complemented me on the build. I've been a fan of his work and he is a very cool guy all around. Just the way he reacted when he saw me and how he said the complement, field me up with so much joy. Also met another 501st brother who is in the show; Rob Miller (what a small world).

For those Walking Dead fans, I added I little easter was funny how must peeps missed it. But on the other fan, it was great to see so many Star Wars fans at the con.

I want to give credit to Darren (DW Designs) for hooking me up with the boot templates and SEEKER for paint and weathering advise.

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