Wookiee 95% completed needing an idea

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    Wookiee 95% completed needing an idea

    Hi im new to this community and have been very impressed with the possitive attitude, just wanted to say that now onto my dilemma i made a wookiee costume a few years ago and it really gets a good response but there is one part of it that really irritates me and its the lack of articulating jaw. i didnt build an underskull for this build the mask is a don post mask with added hair, does anyone have any ideas on a way to make an articulating jaw?

    im at ablank as to a workable solution any help will be appreciated here are the pictures i have available to me now i can take more tomorrow




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    Re: Wookiee 95% completed needing an idea

    really hard to offer help without seeing a closeup of the mouth.

    Likely going to be hard without modifying the original mask (at least some).

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    I'll get some new pics up today I understand I'll probably have to cut the mouth out and maybe alter the mask in other ways

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    Sorry for double post but here are the closer pictures if the mouth the latex is already coming apart from the fabric portion and the only part I would say that definitely should stay is the nose

    Also when the mask is on the mouth sits right around 3 inches from mine
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails imageuploadedbytapatalk1308942848-017680-jpg   imageuploadedbytapatalk1308942928-248138-jpg   imageuploadedbytapatalk1308942959-645589-jpg  


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    Re: Wookiee 95% completed needing an idea

    Besides the jaw im loving the costume! lol well done

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    Re: Wookiee 95% completed needing an idea

    Now that is awesome! I would love to go camping with that suit and scare the ****e out of people!

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