WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

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    WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    Hello fellow TDHers !

    A couple weeks after completing my Jango.... I decided I needed another hole in my head. I purchased one of KW's Animated ARF kits a while back, and have been working on it whenever time allowed. I wanted to take more WIP photos, but the imperialsurplus web site has a plethora of images and tutorials that show more than I could ever hope for.

    Let me first say a big THANK YOU to KW for this armor. It has been a pleasure to work with, and after a couple test fits, I can see it being really comfortable to troop in.

    Here are some photos of the first test fit of the upper body parts. All I have left to do is install the visor, make the under-vest, mount the leg and hand plate straps.

    The visor is photoshopped in...

    Let me know what you think !

    Scratch built DC-15. (Still needs some tweaks)

    I tried a new (new to me at least) method of joining the armor - rare earth magnets. I wanted the wrists to be super-tight to look like the "real" thing, while maintaining the seamless look as much as possible. Let me tel you something about rare-earth magnets. When they claim they are the "strongest magnets on earth"... believe them. These things are 3/8" little barrels that want to be together from about 8" apart.... and when they want to be together, they SNAP shut. Like right NOW. I have to be careful, as they are brittle, and will break if allowed to crash together. I have caught little tufts of skin in between the armor, and it gives a whole new meaning to "armor bites".

    Inside the arm:

    Outside. Nice clean line:

    I will be installing the magnets in my Jango Gauntles this weekend. I can't tell you how easy and secure this method is. (albeit a bit pricey... the rare earth magnets are not cheap, although I found the EBeast has the best deals)

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    Looks good. I'm about 80% done with my ARF, but I'll be doing the camo version and carrying my gatling gun. The kit goes together really easy.

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    nice! i was thinking about magnets for my shins. that's EXACTLY what i was thinking, and now i know it will work. thanks!

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    Looking sweet Scotty!

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a source for Rare earth Magnets on the net. It's a Chinese website called dealextreme.com. I have no affiliation with them (I am in Australia) but have used them to buy quite a bit of gadgety/geek stuff for the last 2 years or so. They are cheap, reliable and have worldwide free shipping. The only downside relates to the shipping, they can be a little slow - about 2 weeks to ship a package to Australia. I beleive it's the same or a bit longer to ship to the US.

    Here's a link to their range of magnets: http://www.dealextreme.com/search.dx/search.magnet

    scroll down to the "others" section of the search page.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh and ScottyK, Very nice work!
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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    How does those magnets hold up on a troop or a hard core walk with them, very interested

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    OK - So I am about 96.5% done. (Although a clone's work in never TRULY done). HUGE thanks again to Eric who played "armor squire" this weekend.

    Have some work to do on the shoes. And a tip... when filling the calves - do it while wearing your shoes ! I have a little issue with the ankles being a bit too tight. This thing fits like a glove, but I formed and fitted the calves without my shoes on. When I put on the shoes, the increased height and the shoe itself kinda messed with my assembly. Nothing I can't tweak.

    Here is a single photo, and a link to my photobucket page. Enjoy, and please post comments / suggestions.

    Here is the link to the photobucket page:


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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    Nice trick mounting the rare earth magnets! bet that gauntlet never falls off.

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    Re: WIP: Animated Series ARF Trooper

    That armor looks outstanding, and nice work on the blaster build as well.

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