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    Sep 22, 2009, 1:46 PM - Want to Commission: Luke Bespin Boots for a 5 Year-Old #1

    Okay, so I wanted to make this thread apart from my kids' Halloween costumes as I need to make a special request. Their costumes are being made by TDH's own LadySewforUs (so excited!), but I am having trouble with the Luke EpV boots.

    I am hoping somebody here on TDH can take me up on a commission to make my son (5 years old) a pair of Luke Skywalker Bespin boots in time for Halloween.

    I don't know what the charge would be, but I am willing to pay a reasonable price. And boots can be reasonable likenesses, not dead-on accurate.

    I have looked for alternatives, but there is nothing commercially available.

    Please reply to this thread or PM me.



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