Vader's Fist Clonetrooper

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    Vader's Fist Clonetrooper

    Hey Folks, first post on the forum but have been looking at various articles for some time now. I've built a few kits over the last couple of years starting with a TK, moving onto the Clonetrooper which is the purpose of this post, also have various fabric kits such as Anakin Sith robes, an Imperial Officer, and am also just finishing a Biker Scout. It's fairly safe to say I have got the bug.

    So why am I posting. I am looking for feedback from people who have successfully built and trooped in a Clone. I love this kit and the reaction from the public is always great to see. I've been struggling with this kit as it was declined by the UKG because it didn't line up or sit right. I've decided because of this that I don't now want to join the UKG but I would really like to understand what they referred to as I think it looks pretty good.


    Many thanks guys, be gentle,


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    Re: Vader's Fist Clonetrooper

    To me, it looks great, but I don't know anything about tk or clone kits.

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