Which Vader is best to troop as?

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    Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I'm sure this is like asking what flavor of icecream is the best, but if you're choosing which one to costume, which one would you choose and why?

    My criteria would be based on what version was the most evil based on his actions. That would probally mean the New Hope version.

    What's your opinion?

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I agree on the ANH being the meanest, I did ROTJ because I found the parts easier to get, but ANH was mas first choice
    Good luck with your build, I suggest you get to the Sith Lord Detachment forum for tutorials/help on putting together your costume:


    Hope this helps!
    Best regards

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I do ROTS cause I like the huge symetrical helmet. Good ROTS parts are hard to find though, an the rubies just doesn't cut it. I would go ANH or ESB.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    If you want to be accurate and trooping, I'd say go with the ESB. Why ? Because you have more view to see where you are going. Hench the lower chin opening on the ESB is bigger so that the person inside can see where he is going by looking down.

    And of course ESB cheast box actually blinks and blinks, compare to the ANH is just....well to static.

    My 2 cents.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    themeanest is definatly ANH! But i think for trooping purposes, ESB or ROTJ is better just due to the larger chin venting, which gives you more airflow and if you keep it unobstucted, you can see out of it as well.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I did ROTS (see my profile) because I love to polished look and chest box best, but from a trooping perspective, it's probably the worst. Thsi is because the helmet actually site underneath the shoulder armor, which makes turning your head difficult. Any of the orginal trilogy would be better. Also, a three peice leather suit will allow a lot more motion than the one peice versions.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I have the three piece leather suit and itīs fantastic! If you raise the arms up everythings stays in position and dosnīt lift up too.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    I have chosen ANH.
    1. He's a big ol' meanie.
    2. Helmet looks so much better.
    3. First Vader I ever met
    4. Love the way the robe goes over the chest armour. Makes it a bit more tricky to troop, seeing how you need to make the robe sit snugly to the chest.

    The smaller vent doesn't make all that difference really. I have no air issues in my Vader, not even after my 8 hours straight in it.

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    Re: Which Vader is best to troop as?

    Glad you make the choice man.

    Which ever Vader you choose, they are all a magnificent by it self and impressive.

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