TIE Fighter Plot

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    TIE Fighter Plot

    Any hints or ideas on a TIE Fighter Piolt outfit. My initial idea is to purchase a black air force flight suit and then add the chest box and hoses. This ones doesn't seem too difficult. Here's my helmet:


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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    You best bet is to start here http://www.omegawing.net/

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    The guys on Omegawing will provide you with lots of information. There's also a site called "The Barnyard" http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/swam...tie-pilot.html for low budget star wars costumes.

    The basic parts of this costume are as follows:
    Chestbox (I recommend moncal ~$70)
    1 1/4" vaccum hoses Cut to 18"(I used a RIGID extension hose comes in a small box $20 home depot)
    Flightsuit with Imperial cog patches(Or skygunbro sells an excellent suit)
    Imperial emblem belt (You can get the basic parts from tandyleather)
    Boots(No lace boots, I use East German Boots)
    Gloves(Black gauntlet style fencer gloves ebay $20)

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    BTW here's a quick pic of my costume with a DP dlx helmet

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    Here's some pics from my 1 man troop for the OT DVD & LEGO 2 release at the Sam Goody's in Key West on 12 September. Enjoy or laugh, whatever. The bucket is just a Rubies, but it's being replace soon with a DP standard.

    My sweet minivan ride.

    Star Wars...it's fantastic.

    Me and my buddy Jack.

    Resident Evil, of course.

    The other great space movie.

    Feed me!!

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    that's an awesome last pic @ atomicman

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    i am a tie pilot.....

    if pics dont come out here:http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l1...22063100_l.jpg
    i have since that conventions fixed my shoulder problem,(they kept flying off in fron of convention goers)

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    Re: TIE Fighter Plot

    Hey man I dig the costume. I have a friend here in Arkansas who is also a Tie Pilot.

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