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    Hey everyone I'm doing clone commander and almost got it done but one of the only things that didn't come with my kit was the shoulder, elbow, and knee straps I'd really like to make them does anybody have any idea how to go about doing that

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    Re: straps one that forum is specific to clones....two steelbitz here can help with them...and his are top nothch boot straps also you probably didnt get those either

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    Re: straps

    The elbow & knee straps are probably not that difficult to create yourself, depending on how close you want them to look to the films. The shoulder straps connecting the chest & back pieces together, though, are tougher, as they have a specific look to them. Depending on how gung-ho you are about making all these straps yourself, I'd go with Fett 4 Real's advice and contact Steelblitz. I have a set of straps he made and they are fantastic.

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    Re: straps

    Thanks guys iv been looking like crazy on how to make them and yeah no boot straps either thanks for the info on steelbiz

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