Stormtrooper Commander question...

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    Stormtrooper Commander question...

    I have tryed to find this on tk forums but no result... And seens you guys are so helpful I gues I allways could ask if you know?

    I'm planning to paint my TK to a stormtrooper commander... But my question is... is it aloud to troop with a DLT-19 if you are a commander ?

    I know it's aloud if your a TK to have dlt-19, but seens the commander never sees with a dlt-19 in TFU I wonder if it's ok? Seens I got a DLT-19, it would be a bad move to paint it as a commander and not be able to wear it with my dlt-19 and just have the E-11...

    You see my point ?

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    Re: Stormtrooper Commander question...

    I think their is no problem in carrying a DLT-19 on events.. If it is a "canon" 501st event i suggest the E-11.
    Why not ask around on i think the people there can answer all of your questions

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    Re: Stormtrooper Commander question...

    I gues i just was lazy... Seens I wasn't member I decided to ask here first ^^

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    Re: Stormtrooper Commander question...

    good to know!

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