Stormtrooper Armor Question

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    Stormtrooper Armor Question

    Howdy, folks! I've owned a set of FX Armor for about 10 years now and although I don't wear it much anymore, I'd like to keep it in good shape. Problem is, the belt has started to crack. Does anyone know who I can/should contact about getting replacement parts for a white armor set and NOT an entire set? Thanks for any suggestions!

    - MJ

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    Re: Stormtrooper Armor Question

    Personally I usually shout in my garrison first, though if you're not a member of the 501st you could try the first imperial stormtrooper detachment boards (pretty much the equivalent of TDH for troopers), someone on there maybe able to help you

    Good luck

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    Re: Stormtrooper Armor Question

    Get a fabric type woven belt, it's more accurate anyway. You can find makers on FISD

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    Re: Stormtrooper Armor Question

    Well, if you might consider selling, shoot me a PM!

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