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    Ok so I kind of half heartedly got together some items for a Sith costume for Halloween -- I am not at all the cosplaying type, I love the OT but not into the toys, dressing up etc. -- but now find myself kind of really getting into it. I have an awesome robe and pants,but unfortunately they don't drag on the ground quite like I was hoping for. They stop just short. But I still want to try to get that "flowing robe" vibe... can anyone think of some sort of "wraps" I could wear on my feet that has that kind of feel? I'm almost envisioning some sort of cross between what a prototypical horror "mummy" (think comic books not Pharaoh) would be wearing upon arising from the grave crossed with like a Medieval Robin Hood felt shoes kind of thing. I realize that's rather vague but I'm hoping someone with an imagination could think of something? I don't know how to sew or anything, so it needs to be I can buy and not for too much. I thought about just going with the various Sith boots you can get but they're all kind of pricey and frankly I want something a bit more unique. Right now I have a robe with an ENORMOUS (in a good way) very "dark side" hood, a black hospital scrub shirt, black Thai fisherman pants, and a black utility LEO belt. It sort of looks like a cross between a ninja and some sort of Sith Assassin... I just need something for the feet to complete it .

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