Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

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    Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    This project has been in the works for many many years, well life takes over and well a couple of years of life happens and finally it's ready.

    First off my name is Marcelo TK1389 Ive been working on many projects for the past few years and from time to time did sneak into the shop to play, but not enough to put a dent on them the last couple of years I have had to put the fun and games aside. Now that that is out of the way, well here it is...

    We got a hold of this helmet on a trade I started to work on one, but once I got this from John on a trade well I could not pass on it... Had to do some work on the face and back as it was a 3d Model that did not come out correct so with minor work lol... 2 to 3 years later lmao... it's done!

    Well it went from this beauty...

    dsc05652-jpg the sides curved in some

    dsc05656-jpg see the nose drooped needed work...



    gedc0005-jpg and the back needed work as well...


    imga0251-jpg needed a neck ring

    imga0260-jpg adjustments to the face...

    090509_215104-jpg started taking shape...

    dsc06773-jpg Sharper nose, neck ring...



    dsc06768-jpg looked a bit more like the real thing

    With neck ring and all...

    Better late than never...

    Will post up pictures of the casting on this puppy.

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    Re: Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    Like i said the lid looks better than the other prop makers versions out there...would love to see more maybe with someone wearing it

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    Re: Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    Great work Marcelo! This is the best sculpt I have seen.

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    Re: Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    Thank you gents, in a couple of weeks we will see some one with the lid on

    Also this was started from a 3D file that did not come out correctly but the symmetry was there and I only had to fix the bottom halve of the helmet.
    Thanks again

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    Re: Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    Awesome Marcelo! Been wondering what happened to this project and I am stoked to see you have taken this project over. This will be a great helmet no doubt!

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    Re: Sci-fire Episode II helmet WIP by G2

    Nice lid.. crisp details!

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