S04 animated Rex helmet (almost) done!

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    S04 animated Rex helmet (almost) done!

    I haven't been so good about sharing my latest project: I've sculpted, molded and cast a Season 4 animated style Rex helmet.

    I'll jump ahead to the good part:

    The paintup is almost done, and the RF is only temporary. I also still need to attach the little detail bits inside the cheeks. But, it's coming along really well I think

    Progress pics on the build are at the WCA facebook page:

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    I have been anticipating your move to S4 Rex for some time. The paint job is fantastic as expected.

    This just makes me want to attempt Rex all the more.

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    Re: S04 animated Rex helmet (almost) done!

    Wow, that looks great. I want one

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    Re: S04 animated Rex helmet (almost) done!

    AWSOME! Just finished watching last Friday's episode. Great work (As usual!)

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